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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hamburg Schools plan a rally against Andrew Cuomo

Hamburg teachers, staff and parents are having another rally.  Hopefully, this one will turn out better than the one last May in support of Richard Edward Jetter and his faux fender bender.  The rally will be held Wednesday March 11, 2015 from 5- 6 p.m. at Hamburg High School 4111 Legion Drive Hamburg, N.Y..

At this rally, the Hamburg school community is taking on "the man" in Albany,  Governor  Andrew Cuomo.  It is no secret that Governor Cuomo is playing a game of cat and mouse with students, teachers and school district funding.     Sadly,  Andrew has lost sight of his upbringing.  The very womb from which he was birthed belongs to his lovely mother- a St. Johns University Teachers College graduate and former elementary school teacher.  Andrew, perhaps you should pick up the telly and ring your mum and ask her what she thinks of your attack on her profession?

Good luck with the rally Hamburg.  Its a good start.  But,  what you need is real action.  Sitting  on your own Board of Education is at least one board member, who actively supports Cuomo's attempts at public school reform.   Mr. Thomas Flynn is a misanthrope.  He detests unions ( of all shapes and sizes), tenure and teachers.  Mr. Flynn has made public remarks in support of Cuomo's attempted tenure grab, and you might recall his public temper tantrum when the Hamburg teachers did a collective thumbs down to APPR.   Flynn said publicly after approximately 75% of the teachers said "no" to APPR,  "shame on the HTA- Hamburg Teachers Association.".  Perhaps the rally-goers need to call-out Mr. Flynn's real motives for sitting on a school board.

Hamburg teachers and staff  should consider  joining forces with Kenmore -Town of Tonawanda School Board President Bob Dana.  Mr. Dana proposes that Ken-Ton stop using test scores in teacher evaluations and stop administering tests in grades 3-8.  Mr. Dana, a former teacher, calls his proposal to push back the Guv'nor an act of "civil disobedience".   Only time will tell if Mr. Dana's radical ideas will materialize.  It seems that if other districts, like Hamburg, glom on to the no test- no evaluation Dana train,  Andrew will sit up and take notice of the locomotive of activism heading toward his Eagle Street mansion.


Had to sit and listen to the cook said...

I guess if you are gonna make tatter tots and collect recycling in life, you don't need the extended school day. But the kids who want to grow up to be honorable thoughtful intelligent civic minded adults need the extra time in the classroom.. Our kid in Hamburg want to grow up to be lawyers, judges, doctors and give back to the community. Not sit at the community pig trough and slurp up the gravy. Get back in the kitchen... and get to those buns in the oven.

Anonymous said...

where were all the teachers hta

? answered 9:57 said...

The HTA doesn't have any support thats why the teaches didn't go to the rally they got burned by the Jetter rally. What teacher was behind the Jetter rally. Lets see he lied about his car around 8 pm at night and a socdialstudies teacher was sending out emails and tweets the next day at 10 am- then the rally was at 3. Didn't anyone think this was kinda weird? Really? The staff knows the hta is a joke.