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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It was the Best of Times, the Worst of Times was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way - in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only. " C. Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities.

One is reminded of the the opening sentence of Charles Dicken's great novel upon considering the paradox of spending in the Hamburg School District.   The best of times were captured when ousted board member Catherine Forcucci uttered upon the hiring of Richard Edward Jetter just one short year ago, looks like Santa is coming to the Jetter household.  She was removed from office for speaking the truth. 

The best of times were bestowed upon district administrators Brent Jordan, Barbara Sporz and Colleen Kaney less than one year ago when they were tenured and given double digit raises.   On August 10, 2014 Concerned Hamburger awarded these administrators the Hamburglar awards (see post:  August 10, 2014 Hamburg Cabaret).   The lawyers got a piece of Santa's merry and mirth.  Since hiring the law firm of Hodgson Russ in January 2014, the legal expenses in Hamburg surely must be approaching the $400,000 mark.  So, you see readers, public education isn't about children, please be realistic.  The superstructure of public education is built upon what is taken from the education of children and given to the adults.  Its the best of times for those who control the purse strings.  It is the worst of times for the children.  They are entering the educational winter of despair. 

Last evening, Hamburg presented a bleak budget picture.    The worst of times looms again for the students and teachers of Hamburg, but those designing the cuts and who have enjoyed sizable raises and promotions under the Richard Edward Jetter season of darkness remain safe.  

Those on the Hamburg School Board:  D. Yoviene, Cameron Hall, T. Flynn the turd, Patti Collins, and L. Heeter- the members in the majority who steal tax dollars from children and pad the hands of the lawyers to execute their own personal agendas should be tarred and feathered and made to stand in the public square. 

Some of the proposed non-mandated program cuts for 2015-16 school year are:
  • Kindergarden program and 12 teachers. 
  • Sports : modified, junior varsity, varsity equipment, supplies, & sundry sports items
  • 1/2 day kindergarden program and 6 teachers.
  • 4 Elementary teachers.
  • Pre-kindergarden
  • Advanced Placement courses at Hamburg High- 3.4 teachers
  • Business Department- 3 teachers
  • Teacher Aides- 7
  • Clubs- gone
  • Elementary Music- 2 teachers
  • Pre-K Transportation- gone
  • Math- 1 teacher
  • EMT- 1 teacher 
  • Technology Program- 1 teacher
  • Library- 1 Librarian
  • Health- 1 teacher
  • Counseling- 1 Counselor
  • Finance Academy- 1 teacher- drop graduation requirement
  • Social Worker- 1 
  • Non- League Sports Programs- gone
  • Health- eliminate Health Science Academy- 1 teacher
  • Social Studies- 1 teacher
  • Late Bus Runs- gone
  • Art Program- .8 teacher
  • Buildings and Grounds- 1 position
  • Conferences- gone
  • Foreign Language Teacher- .4 teacher
  • Field Trips- gone
  • Private School Bus Runs- gone


Anonymous said...

All that money Mr. Yoviene wasted on his juvenile vendetta against Schrauth-Forcucci would come in very handy now. Maybe Yoviene's lawyer friends will step up and fund a few teachers. lol.

When you're cutting our kids' sports programs, Mr. Yoviene and the board sheep who did your bidding, think of the incredible amount of money you gave to the lawyers' while playing your petty political games and how that now impacts our children's education, their athletics, and our teachers.

Nice job looking out for everyone but the kids.

Just Saying said...

You know, I am reminded of SNL- " Jane you ignorant slut" line. I just wonder when the Hamburg School Community is going to wake up and realize the damage that was done with Jetter. If the people haven't realized how crazy that Jetter was then they deserve everything thing they get. I mean really, where are all the Bus books about his self help strategy? He must have spent 10 K of tax dollars on that alone. The guy was a F---- NUT and he did all the dirty work of Dan Cha Cha and those freaks that had those meetings. Really. How about Mr and Mrs Mark and Christina Whipple do a fund raiser over at Madammoiselle- call it " Strip for Schools". Cmon Christina Whipple can't you offer your strip club for a school fund raiser? I sure bet Dan and Ed could round up some of their ilk and throw in a few 20s for the kids. And Tom and Dave would probably pay top dollar for a lap dance. LOL

Anonymous said...

Who is this Jason W Computer guy trolling the blog. Is he billing the district? Or is it part of attorney client priv?

SSPP Principal said...

Did anyone think that Richard Edward Jetter was a fu-king nut job when this came out....was it that freak the drunkg? So, I pull into the gas station this morning and there was this guy standing in the rain trying to put air into his tires . . .
He was yelling at his kids in the car who kept honking the horn while he was crouched down near one of the tires . . .
I got out of my car and he saw me looking at him . . .
He yelled across the parking lot to me, "What the hell are you looking at . . ?"
I didn't answer.
I started pumping my gas and he walked over to me . . .
He came up to me and I felt my heart racing . . .
I thought I was going to be in the obituaries tomorrow morning . . .
He smelled of alcohol (Yes, at 10:00 a.m.) . . .
Again, he said to me, "I asked you what you were looking at?"
I replied, "A very unhappy man. I hope you can turn your day around. You seem flustered."
He looked at me as if he wanted to "take a poke" at me . . .
Instead, he turned around and walked back to his car.
"Phew", I thought.
I looked for my cell phone but realized it was at home . . .
I went into the Mini Mart and asked the cashier to call 911 . . . that I believed the man who approached me is driving under the influence . . .
She quickly complied.
The police pulled in minutes later while the man was still pumping air into his tires.
I stuck around for a few minutes to see what happened.
The man was arrested 15 minutes later. I drove away.

Liz L said...


I hope you enjoyed a fun and healthy Holiday season! The Jetter household was plagued with the flu (throat and stomach), along with other "mysterious" ailments, but we are happy to be alive and are grateful for everything that we have (including everyone in our lives, of course).

The Chinese Zodiac declares 2014 as the year of the "horse" . . .

As we look forward to Spring, working with our students, and staying the course with practicing continued positivism towards all,
please remember that while we are all human, we still hold the freewill to counter-act against any negative vibes or negative energy that is floating around.

Don't let the negatives suck you dry!

Maddie Lockwood's marigolds still grow in the snow!

2014 is going to be a great year even though we will always experience bumps and bruises along the way!

P.S. Stay away from "growlers" . . .

You'll see when you open Dilbert, below:

Have a fabulous (short) week back. Enjoy your students!
By the way, who knows, maybe tomorrow will be too cold to open school.
I have a wind chill chart by my side.

Anonymous said...

Where's the extreme parents group that tried to rip this district apart last year with their political games now that the schools need serious help? Where are the partisans who were so intent on embarrassing this community with the Forcucci debacle that cost taxpayers a fortune in attorneys' fees and hearing costs?

You tore this community apart with your vitriol and gamesmanship, and then you disappeared. Now teachers may lose their jobs, our kids may lose their sports teams, and programs may be cut, but you supposed champions of the community are nowhere to be found.

Why aren't you raising as much hell about what this budget is going to do to our kids as you did during those ridiculous and embarrassing Forcucci hearings? Isn't this budget a thousand times more important than wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting over the board's civility problems?

You folks were happy to drive this bus last year when you thought it was going your way. But now that you see it headed off a cliff, you've jumped off and scattered.

Maybe if we hadn't spent last year caught up in interpersonal problems, unnecessary hearings, and searching for a new superintendent, more work would have been done to resolve or at least mitigate the current financial crisis. If our kids now lose teachers or educational opportunities or sports programs, will you be just as loud and aggressive demanding a whole new board as you were in all your efforts over much less important civility issues last summer?

Anonymous said...

Dave Yoviene is a blow hard. He has no education nor any educational experience, yet he insists that he MUST be the BOE president. This douche only cares about himself.

Gee Dave, no one really knew you, nor did you have any business winning such a hotly contested BOE election in 2013,, How did you do that? How could an uneducated, goofy guy like you win? Was it magic? How did Laura Heeter double her vote total from 2012 to 2013? Was that magic?

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened as a result of the August 2014 State Comptroller's audit of the Hamburg school budget that found discrepancies of millions of dollars in the district's capital fund? Didn't the State find that something like $6 million was overstated for capital projects that didn't exist?

Where are all of those millions of dollars? The school district was supposed to submit a corrective action plan by November. Was it submitted? What happened to that extra $6 million that only eight months ago the State demanded be explained?

If the budget did overstate capital needs by many millions of dollars, can those funds be used to fix the current financial mess?

Anonymous said...

Yovien and Heeter would have come in 4th and 5th if they were on their own during the 2013 election. Heeter went down in flames in 2012 alone.

Dexter Terrace Richy said...

It is hilarious how dave now thinks he is mr. education. he sounded like the jackass he is on the am dial. really dave, are u sure you know anything about don agile? He is a asshole who conveniently erased from his public resume his interest in the hamburg school foundation with that dumb ass thug ed osborne. you know Joe, your daddy in law and sponsor of your health insurance. Really ask the village judge about donny boy. Carl is so on to him, and its a matter of time before his story is told. Right Mz Sloane, I mean Mr. Hoover- or is it Freedman. Well, you know who yo are. Don doesn't really know too much, just how to be a pussy bully. Go Carl Go... you know the truth. So funny these dummies.

uncle carl said...

Here is Donnies accomplishments: NOTE HIS UNITED WAY CONNECTION WITH BOB BENNETT- I mean really does anyone need a PHD to figure out these two beer and peanut block heads were driving state ed for years- now the jiggy is up Donnie- can't you head to FLA and have fruity drinks with umbrellas and talk about the good ole days with Eddy Osbourne? Why don't you talk about the Hamburg School Foundation Donnie? Hmmm? You name was all over the website for years. Is there something you want to tell uncle Carl?

TranzparinC said...

Dear Anonymous 2:59...

Yes, state comptroller found that all of the capital project improvements the voters approved at a maximum cost of $34.7M only cost $25.9M due to lower than expected bids ,or ... estimates that were inflated by 20%.

But the district kept on spending $6.6M of public funds on out of scope projects because the architect told them to. Oh...Guess whose pay increases as more capital project funds are spent? You guessed it...the architect.

NYS Regulations say the corrective action plan must be reviewed and approved by BOE. Check the minutes. It didn't happen. OSC audit? Never looked at it. Internal audit? External audit? Ignored!

This BOE wouldn't know an internal fiscal control if it bit 'em in the butt.

"Who's filling up their gas tank at 2AM?" the auditor asked the BOE at the October 21st meeting (blank stares and silence. ) "We don't know!" was her answer.

Maybe we should put some of that $2M worth of technology and surveillance equipment, that we taxpayers bought, over at Fisher Bus instead of fortifying our schools like prisons.

Anonymous said...

To TranzparinC--

You make very good points. I don't have the inside information about what went down with those millions that the state is investigating, but it's incredibly disturbing.

Why isn't this debacle the headline story? Could it be that the Board wanted to prolong the Forcucci mess just to keep the state investigation of Hamburg's budget in the background?

Instead of constantly blaming the State for Hamburg's budget woes, shouldn't Mr. Yoviene be answering serious questions about the $6.6 million dollars under investigation?

When we've got a budget gap threatening the core education mission in Hamburg, shouldn't the Board be explaining why we're in this position if they had $6.6 million to spare, but chose not to fix the budget with it?

Where exactly was the $6.6 million improperly spent? Where is the corrective action plan demanded by the State Comptroller? Where are the financial controls to keep terrible stuff like this from hurting our students, teachers, and taxpayers?

Stop blaming Albany, Mr. Yoviene. The trouble is right here at home. The school board and the administration spent that extra $6.6 million on something other than the operating budget, and now the kids and teachers and taxpayers are paying the price. The Board needs to answer for that.

Anonymous said...

We don't need all of that extra security or the cost that it will involve, we have Jim Martinez . As you well know he is our very own safety officer, he did a wonderful job protecting Mrs. Hetter and an even better job covering for and protecting Rick Jetter. We can all sleep better knowing Jim's around, or can we.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the real reason for the shift in times for the school day? No matter the P.R. spin, five extra minutes at elementary isn't "extended." Smells Fish(er)y.

C who the idiot is. said...

5:33 pm... pretty sure its with a K, dumb ass.

David Reedy said...

Isn't it amazing that Dr. Calkins raised money for her tragic home fire on Go Fund Me, but she has plenty of money to pay a lawyer for her lawsuit against private citizens? Do the the giving people know that? I does anyone find it odd that the house burned down and was demo'd all in the same 24 hour period. What a terrible thing, but it sure does seem fishy that the house was taken down on the day of the fire. Was the fire inspector out there or was the insurance firm called. Just saying, you know it just does seem pretty odd. Hopefully things will work out with the Hamburg IDA and a new practice for the good doctor. Best of luck with your law suit.

NT TEACHER said...

WARNING: YOU MAY WET YOUR PANTS READING THIS. Today's joke... you may have seen this first here on the always entertaining Hamburg Blog.

From the Linkedin Account of your former Superintendent Richard Edward Jetter:

Educational Consultant & Analyst
Northern Consultants
October 2014 – Present (7 months)
Sometimes, school districts are looking for a third party to carry out non-biased services for a politically correct process and outcome. Don't get caught up in taking sides which may jeopardize your relationships with your community. Let us do the work for you! Northern Consultants are ready to assist you today! Please call 716-860-0380 for a FREE consultation.


Cooking the lunches- Cha Cha style said...

LMAO: I just saw Jetters Linked in :
He writes:
Causes Richard cares about:
Civil Rights and Social Action
Human Rights

He needs to go back to the Richardson Complex for some therapy. He was drunk almost everyday.... maybe he should write in that he cars about the middle school principal. Geez.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who hires Richard Jetter would have to be certifiably nuts. Creates events, lies, stages break ins, does self inflicted property damage, false police reports, and if that is not. Bad enough steals education dollars and now is on PROBATION for his crimes.
what Richard Jetter is up to now? Wife Jen is on the. nominating committee for PTA officers. Wife nominates Richard for President of Ton PTA pres. They really are out of touch.