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Friday, April 17, 2015

Taper Caper Dismissed

NYS Supreme Court Justice Devlin dismissed the frivolous lawsuit filed by Hamburg Central School District,  and bull dogs Dr. Joan Calkins Mr. Steve Achramovitch,  Mrs. Patt (bubble over the eye) Collins,  Mr. Gregory Wichlacz, Mr. Matthew ("check out my rantings on Facebook") Dils,  Mr. KC Neyman,  Mrs. Diane Reynolds,  and Mr. T.  Bagley against S. Stephenson, L. Stephenson and M. Kavanaugh.

Three years after the plaintiffs in the taper caper case filed a lawsuit against the defendants,  NYS Supreme Court Justice D. Devlin dismissed the matter because, according the Buffalo News,  there were no grounds on which to move forward.    It is very clear HCSD and the vitriolic former and present members of the school board and district administrators file the lawsuit against the three women as acts of harassment and retaliation.

Concerned Hamburger learned the plaintiffs, who filed the lawsuit in 2012 when they were all on the dime of the Hamburg Central School District taxpayers,  made little movement in the case against the three defendants.   The only motion made by the HSCD and the individual plaintiffs was made two years ago.    Then, the lawyer for the district, Mr. Richard Sullivan, filed a subpoena on Google in search of the identity of Concerned Hamburger and bloggers Klozman and Super.   The subpoena was quashed in 2013.*  And, the school district was marred by the sea of bad publicity.

It seems to Concerned Hamburger that the former members of the Hamburg School Board and Hamburg Central's  objective was to annoy the defendants by dragging them through the legal wringer.   The frivolous lawsuit was filed days before Sally Stephenson was seated as a school board member.   The school district and the plaintiffs, riding the taxpayers coattails,  were on a spending spree with the law firm Harris Beach.

Judge Devlin ruled to dismiss the case, but strangely did not award attorneys fees and damages to the defendants.  According to a source, the defendants are planning an appeal in an effort to be granted attorneys fees and damages, and are considering  other formal legal action against the plaintiffs.  This time,  Dr. J. Calkins,  Mr. Achramovitch.  Mrs. Collins, Mr. Dils, Mr. Wichlacz, Mrs. Reynolds, Mr. Neyman and Mr. Bagley will be on their own dime because they would not be entitled to indemnification by the district under NYS law.     Our source indicated that the very content of the recording reveals the caustic nature of the plaintiffs.  We were told that at one point in the recording, Mr. Wichlacz talks of stun gunning citizens who question the school board, and Mr. Dils suggests he would have been wise to bring his gun to the meeting of September 21, 2010.   Perhaps both of these men and other members of the plaintiff group would be well advised to seek anger and wrath- management therapy.

Surely the hostility of the plaintiffs is easily document.

* The district did not stop seeking Concerned Hamburger's identity,  Doctor Richard Edward Jetter and the present school board through attorney Andrew Freedman hired a firm called DIGITS to electronically monitor the homes of the defendants in this matter.  Once again, the school district wasted taxpayer dollars on a wild goose chase.   Much like the Erie County Sheriffs departments use of eavesdropping  technology, the school district hired a private firm to "spy" on the defendants in their private homes.     Yes, you read this correctly.


Eva Gardner said...

They sure should sue the people who brought that stupid lawsuit. It would be great if those losers had to come up with a defense. So when can the rest of us hear the taping. I heard that they think it was Kelly Harper because she quit the board a month after the taping. Did anyone hear that?

Anonymous said...

I think for the best thing for the district is for all of this to end.
Of course this blogs job is done and should quietly shut down..

I thought Martinez was going out in handcuffs?

Highland Ave said...

LOL...Martinez, the wheels of justice churn very slowly. Maybe not handcuffs, the pain will be worse..the wallet. Is he hiding in his office like or middle school principle?

Anonymous said...

Sally Stephenson wins again. The Sally-haters must be fuming. So funny.

I wonder how much taxpayer money school board members have wasted over the past few years going after Sally and folks they associate with Sally.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what you think of him, nothing's going to happen to Martinez. Stop blowing smoke with all this "the other shoe is yet to drop" crap and start concentrating on real issues. This district has plenty of more important issues before it.

Laura H said...

The district spent $115,000 with Hodgson Russ in the Month of February 2015. Hows that for a legal bill?