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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

McGarry, List and Schneider elected to the Hamburg School Board

Robbin List, who was sitting in the Catherine Forcucci seat on the Hamburg School Board will be put aside as Robert Schneider who came in third in the school board election immediately takes the Forucci seat.   List and McGarry will take up a three year term on the Hamburg School Board.  Sally Stephenson and Patti Collins elected not to run again.

And so begins a new era of Hamburg dysfunction brought to you by the local lawyer,  self-proclaimed education guardian and demagogue Dan Chiacchia, a tacit member of the school board.  Mr. Chiacchia  bought the seats that Flynn and Hall occupy and now it has been suggested that his money has bought the three men who won last evening their seats on the board.

Laura Heeter will remain the only female on the all white male Hamburg School Board.


Anonymous said...

So now Hamburg tax payers, Little Man Dan has control of the school board with the 5 votes he bought! Now what ever he is hiding will stay hidden, at least for now.

Anonymous said...

I am so ecstatic about the direction the Hamburg School District is heading. Great job community on weeding out the issues!

Hilbert Mom, said...

Schneider stayed as far away from Tiny Chiacchia on election night. As they tallied the votes, Schneider stayed on the opposite side of the room from Chiacchia, List and McGarry. It was rumored before that one of Dan's little bitches was unhappy. Maybe there is hope that Schneider realizes what a sleaze Chiacchia is. If List grows a backbone, Chiacchia and Fleming will only have 3 bitches left. Cam Hall, Flynn and that clown McGarry.

14 K MOM said...

Hilbert Mom-

List has been playing Chiacchia like a fiddle. As for McGarry, he is new in town and doesn't know the white hats from the black hats. I have a question- the little guy " Dan" claims there is some organization called An informed citizen for a better Hamburg group. Who is in that group besides his sister, who works for the district and his sisters kid who picks up the garbage in the village? Is Piazza and Striper Mom on board- and where is that rolly polly John Doyle. Did he get caught following people around in his blue creeper van? Really who is in that group. Cmon, Dan- making shit up again? What a little loser that guy is- really Dan are your imaginary demons still scaring you? There are meds for you- go see Dr. Calkins she'll take care of the images in your sick head.