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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Old Wine, New Bottles

Mary Ellen Ellia who was fired by the Hillsborough County, Florida Board of Education is likely the next NYS Education Commissioner.    She will replace John King, who left NYS for Washington D.C..

Ms. Ellia is cut from the same cloth as John King, so don't expect much other than the same old, same old.   Ms. Ellia is a product of WNY higher education as stated on her biography.  

Ladies and Gentlemen (you too Dan) meet Mary Ellen Ellia:

MaryEllen Elia was appointed Superintendent of Hillsborough County Public Schools on July 1, 2005, following a nationwide search. District schools have successively earned more A and B grades each year of her tenure as superintendent. The district also earned its first overall A grade from the state of Florida for student achievement after her first year as superintendent, and has earned two more since then.
Ms. Elia, a lifelong educator, began her career as a social studies teacher in the state of New York in 1970. In 1986, she relocated to the Tampa Bay area after accepting a position at Plant High School as a reading resource specialist. She was promoted to several key positions in the district over the next 20 years.
She was the district's first magnet schools supervisor. She was promoted in 1997 to the director of non-traditional programs where she managed all magnet schools, as well alternative schools and drop-out prevention programs. Ms. Elia was appointed general director of secondary education in 2002.
In 2003, she became the district's chief facilities officer. In this role, she provided oversight of all new construction and was responsible for the maintenance and operation of more than 200 existing schools and educational facilities. She remained in this position until her appointment as superintendent.
In 2011, she received the College Board's District of the Year Beacon Award and was recognized with the Florida Department of Education's Data Leader of the Year award for leading the way in using education data to drive student improvement . In 2010, she received the Inaugural Governor's Business Partnership Award presented by Governor-Elect Rick Scott and the Florida Council of 100; the Women of Distinction award from the local chapter of the American Association of University Women; CEO of the Year from the Florida Supplier Development Council; the University of South Florida-Anchin Center Exemplary Leadership in Education award; and the Network of Executive Women 2010 Executive Woman of the Year award. In 2009, Superintendent Elia received The College Board's Outstanding Leadership award. She received the Florida Association of District School Superintendents' Superintendent's Award for Volunteer/Community Service in 2008/2009 and 2006/2007. In 2008, Mrs. Elia was named the Dr. Carlo Rodriguez Champion of School Choice by the State Board of Education. She was named Florida's Superintendent of the Year by the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations in 2007.
Ms. Elia holds a bachelor of arts degree from Daeman College; a master's in education from the University of Buffalo; a master of professional studies in reading from State University of New York at Buffalo; and certification in educational leadership.


Brighton Road Dad said...

Readers of Concerned Hamburger, here is a link for you to laugh your ass off. Richard Jetter- the INTERESTS: K-12 Education, Mental Health Issues, Bullying, Policy, Leadership, Autism, Curriculum Development, Conducting Talent Searches. who gave is a liar and a drunk has a webpage : . This is what he writes about : After serving over 17 years in the K-12 Educational Community, my work is now focused on writing, publishing, and consulting. Listening to teachers and administrators about what they wish to have their students read and learn about, The Isolate /n./ made a long time idea come true!
Themes, such as understanding one another, autism, and bullying come alive in the first book of The Isolate /n./ series. Other upcoming themes will deal with post-traumatic stress disorders, schizophrenia, and bi-polar disorders. Stay tuned for more great books to come! He is a crazy man. He and his wife tried to bully the PTA at his kids school into electing him on the PTA. Hey Rick... you are is your crazy wife.... you guys are all over our elementary schools making fools of yourself. Give WNY a break. So, will you be out drunk and on shred and reagan this summer? The parents know all about the NUT Jobs.

Mrs. Osborne said...

OMG- I went to Rick Jetter's crazy webpage. Don't you think the JUDGE who is overseeing the crazy f---k's probation should see this thing. Really he is blaming others. So Mrs. Jetter is Rick blaming the HMS Middle School Principal because he is a crazy drunk who wrapped his white trash car around a pole in from of her house. So looking at his webpage I can see this guy is a crazy sicko. He should be locked up. Time to go back to Bry Lynn Richard.

Anonymous said...

I read his rickjetter page too. Is he really serious? He wrote a book? and they he made up teacher names to say they read it. He is really a crazy person. Concerned Blogger- why isn't their a post a bout this guy? Holy Shit. Whats will the grave yard theme. Is he really that sick? Sick O Jetter.

Krencik said...

I hear Danny is bullying the teacher again. Little Danny, why don't you go to Florida and take care of your brother- Darren Chiacchia who is facing trial for spreading HIV AIDS- a real dirt bag ( yeah, I said dirt bag)...must be the family DNA- sleaze or is it sleeze? You know who, Krencik

Jen said...

Jetter the linkin account says that the crazy guy is interested in Civil Rights and Social Action
Human Rights
Politics. Time to go back to the nut house crazy.

Anonymous said...

All those people who bought into Jetter must feel like morons now.