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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Miracle in Boston, New York

Last month, Buffalo Business First published the yearly edition of Western New York School rankings.

The overall rank of the district is 11 out of the 96 Western New York School Districts.

Hamburg High School ranked 18
Hamburg Middle School ranked 37
Armor Elementary School ( AES) ranked 31
Charlotte Avenue School (CAS) ranked 27
Union Pleasant Elementary School (UPES) ranked 55

and drum roll please .......
Boston Valley Elementary School ranked 28

A ranking of 28 doesn't seem like much of an accomplishment, unless you put it against the ranking of Boston Valley Elementary School going back a few years.  As reported by Concerned Hamburger over the years, Boston Valley always fell far behind the other 3 Hamburg elementary schools.  Boston Valley is a small country school with about 300 kids.

Consider the elementary school rankings over the last few years:

AES  ranked 47
CAS ranked 16
UPES ranked 63
BVS ranked 149  (ouch) 

AES ranked 74
CAS ranked 28
UPES ranked 58
BVS ranked 102 (ouch) 

AES ranked 41
CAS ranked 33
UPES ranked 61
BVS ranked 40

If one considers that much of the demographics haven't changed in Boston since 2011-2012 other factors  should  be considered when looking for an explanation of the miracle in the valley.  No other elementary school in the Business First reports in the last 4 years have skyrocketed like BVS's rise from 149 to 40.

So what changed?, Did the teaching staff turnover? Was there a sudden increase in the socio-economic status of the families?

We do know that in 2012, the Hamburg School Administration, in their infinite wisdom, appointed a man with no classroom teaching experience as the building principal of Boston Valley.

In July 2012, according to the Hamburg school board minutes, Mr. James Martinez was appointed Boston Valley principal.  According to sources Mr. Martinez has been in Hamburg for 15 or so years.  Could it be, that Hamburg has had a true educational leader on staff, a diamond in the rough,  with the miraculous power to move a school ranked 149 to 28 since taking the helm?  What a shame it is  that the district waited so long before allowing Mr. Martinez to grow marigolds at Boston Valley.  
Hats off to the kids at Boston Valley for shaking off the title of lowest ranked school in the district that now goes to Union Pleasant.

Concerned Hamburger did not see any press releases or media reports of the miracle in the valley. So it seemed appropriate to share with our readers the stunning accomplishments of the little county school.  


Gold star boy said...

Hello- Jetter and Martinez change the grades so it would look like between the two of them they have at least a 1/2 of a brain. Martinez is not the miracle worker in the Valley. He is a bully who uses threats. He bullied a mom in our school who has cancer. Martinez is out of control and he should never be around the little kids or the big kids or people really. Did you notice that their is not one man in Boston valley? He is a bully and yeah the guy probably made up the scores. He sure does spend a lot of time with the data guy Brent Jordan in Jordan's fancy Tahoe. So do people take money in exchange for morals??? Amanda you wanna chime in here? Money don't buy looks or class- born in the gutter stay in the gutter- right Mr Martinez, gutter rat?

red herring said...

Duh, Boston second behind Charlotte? What is going on there? And Armor? Weird data. Everyone knows what is happening here with those numbers. This is not a miracle its deception. Doesn't State Ed investigate his kind of stuff. Remember in Georgia when those teachers and principal went to jail for making up students grades on state exams. This is just crazy. I had no idea that Boston moved up so much, wow. Something fishy going on here I think.

Anonymous said... Be sure you check out Jetter's new site for free giveaways. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Martinez put locks on student file cabinets in his office, and was seen by staff members taking bag after bag of shredded paper to the dumpster. Way back when , Catherine, [ you all remember her], sent an email to both Jetter and our wonderful Pres.Yoviene. Asking about Martines's actions and requesting that the locks be removed, but she's CRAZY and was ignored as usual . Martinez is as filthy as they come and these blanks on the BOE just gave him tenure. Do you think it was to keep him silent, he has the dirt on everyone. Forcucci was getting to close to putting all of the pieces together and finding out the truth. Under every rock she turned over up popped another Chiacchia or Piazza.

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