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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Rendezvous at Hamburg Middle School

A reader recently sent an email to CH regarding the busing of the Catholic school kids with the Public school kids.    It appears that Hamburg Central Schools and Fisher Bus is trying to squeeze and many kids on a bus as possible with little concern for the inconvenience it may cause for others, or the inappropriateness of mixing up the kiddies and jamming them into 16 buses. It has been reported numerous times on this blog that the Hamburg Middle School is a zoo at arrival and dismissal times, now according to the reader, another 100 kids will be added into the mix.  Has additional staff been assigned to look after the little ones just starting out on their educational tour of duty?   Is it true that Hamburg parents are in the dark about the twice daily rendezvous at HMS? And if it is true, is anyone surprised? The Hamburg School District is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside of an enigma. 

The email is in purple below: 

"Thought you would be interested in knowing that 100 students from St Peter and Paul will be transferring at Hamburg Middle school each morning and afternoon to one of 16 busses that will then transport the hamburg students and SSPP student to home.  This will mean that in the afternoon over 900+ students will be dismissed from HMS and the SSPP buses to board 16 waiting busses.  There is no concrete plan in place for this situation and to the best of our knowledge no additional staff will be available compared to last year to watch over the safety and well being of all students even thought there will be 100 more students at the busing site.  The students will also be as young as four years old (just starting kindergarten) and will be expected to independently complete the transfer process.

Finally the parents of the students at HMS have no idea that this is going to occur until the first day of school for SSPP which will be September 9th.  The parents of SSPP where notified of this change on August 13th.  After the August board meeting and will little time to voice our concerns or to get any information about the transfer plan, which appears to be seriously lacking.

If you would like additional information you can either email me or call me XXX-XXXX,  I have been enjoying following your site for some time know and have always appreciated your ability to report all the details to each story allowing the reader to have a better sense of what is really going on within the district.  Thank you for your efforts."


Jen said...

On another note, is anyone following our beloved Dr. Jetter? Is the district still paying him? I stumbled on his webpage, and he keeps changing the name of his company - like anyone would hire him. This was the funniest thing read today from his webpage "
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Carlsbad, CA - 07-31-2015) –Motivational Press today announced an agreement to publish Sutures of the Mind: Unleashing the Power of Mindfulness while Rescuing Your Spirit by Rick Jetter, Ph.D. , which offers a chance to tackle tragedy, grief, loss, anxiety, and other struggles in life by using the art and science of mindfulness while also strengthening your religious faith. for release in Winter 2015.

Strengthening religious faith? Boy, he must be rock bottom. And I heard he has a fake office in Niagara Falls thats an empty parking lot? Gee, what an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Jetter, Martinez, Chiachia, Piazza,Evident, Yoviene, Flynn, Gialella , and Andrew Freeman have hurt this district beyond words. The BOE and the state think everything is OK in Hamburg because there is finally some tranquility during the BOE meetings. Thats really only because none of the current BOE members has the courage to ask the tough questions, like how is that Corrective Action Plan coming along, you know the one where the audit pointed out several questionable practices by the district. and who is this part time employee that receives full time benefits along with 25 sick days,Can anyone say LIBBY, boy does she have it nice. Don't forget the cumulative longevity pay that the teachers get, what is that all about. Oh and when was the last time any BOE member asked to view the fuel consumption report from Fisher Bus, like who's filling up and when. Oh that would have been Catherine Forcucci, you all remember her, such a trouble maker and bully.

Anonymous said...

If the Transportation Committee approved this, shame on them. Did they even consider the hardships it causes for taxpaying families? Elementary school kids transferring buses with all the middle school students, just brilliant

How would Members of the Hamburg School Board or the Transportation Committee react if their 5 or 6 year old child were placed on a bus for 30 minutes to arrive at the Middle School with 900 middle school students? Just to get on another bus and be transported to their elementary school.

The parents and parishioners of St Peter and Paul need to remember this when it comes to pass the school budget and vote for Members of the Hamburg school board.

Anonymous said...

I have followed Jetter on his crazy webpages. What exactly is Bry Lyn treating him for? He really seems crazy. Is it true that he spied on a teacher in her house? Also, I read a police report that he may have stolen an iPad mini. he is a real wacko. So doesn't his health insurance run out in September. He is a crazy dude. Times ten. Is The HMS principal still having slumber parties with him!