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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Just when you think you have heard it all, it is worth remembering, that the parents of Hamburg Central Schools have as one of the executive leaders of the Parent Teacher Association, a nudity club owner, Mrs. Christina Whipple.   Mrs. Whipple and her husband Mark Whipple are owners of the strip club at 3747 Lakeshore Road,  Hamburg NY.  

Tonight at the Hamburg School Board Meeting, the Board will vote to approve Mrs. Whipple's appointment to the Health Advisor Council and the Extended School Day Committee.   How ironic it is, that a woman who profits from young girls pandering to the needs of misogynists, simultaneously acts as PTA mom by day.  Even Hollywood hasn't come up with this kind of drama.  So, Mrs. Whipple, what do you have to offer the Health Advisory Council?  What value do you bring to ensuring that young people, specifically young women, grow up to care for their mind, bodies and souls by making healthy choices?   Young girls poll dancing for barflies is not healthy, its morally reprehensible.

According to the New York State Parent Teacher Association webpage,  the mission of the organization is :

The PTA is

    The overall purpose of PTA is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. 


  • Every child deserves to have his/her basic needs met.
  • Every child deserves an education designed to meet the child's needs.
  • Public education is the appropriate forum to prepare children for participation in a democratic society.
  • Every child deserves our continued commitment to advocacy.
  • PTA will take the lead in parent involvement by training parents to be partners in education.
  • PTA will take the lead in promoting the value of parent involvement with the community and educational partners.
  • We are responsible for identifying, understanding, and meeting the needs of our diverse membership.
  • Educators are integral part of our association.
  • Education and leadership training and self-evaluation are essential at all levels.
  • Programs and materials should be provided to enhance parenting skills.
  • Challenging oneself leads to growth
One must wonder if Mrs. Whipple believes in the PTA, or uses it as a ruse to cover her real values which she exhibits as an owner of entities that exploit young women.  What does this say about the values of the Hamburg Central School District?  Shame on Hamburg Central Schools for permitting a person of this ilk as a face of the Parent- Teacher Association and a seat at the Health Advisory Council table, 


PTA MOM said...

Wonder how those pole dancers feel with those dirty old men STARING at them. Too bad those girls have to make a living having to work under those conditions. I mean really they get stared at by dirty old men. Mrs Whipple and her people lied to NYSED and Hodgson Russ about staring teachers. Christine, the immoral one is u. How do you show that face of yours... And what kind of role model are you? What do u teach girls- to lie? The evidence says this. Wonder if the lawyers and states know about the real CW- investigated several times with that Gentlemans club. Really- gentlemen and good women aren't liars and don't promote the kind of work u do. Pig.

Matt said...

Click the link below to read a great article about UNION PLEASANT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (HAMBURG DISTRICT) SUPER PTA MOM Cristina Whipple. Among the interesting points in the article is that Mrs. Whipple stated that she would support her daughter if she decided to become a stripper. Conversely, Mrs. Whipple states in the article that she was never a stripper...why did she point that out? Does Mrs. Whipple actually think that there is something wrong with stripping? Is it beneath HER, but not beneath the VERY young girls she encourages and employes as dancers? The article also mentiones VIP rooms at her clubs? What happens in these private VIP rooms? I'll tell you what happens in these rooms, young girls are paid to GRIND on mens laps until the men cum. Is that who Hamburg Central School District wants to have running our PTA or any aspect of our school district? Can this be happening? Click the link below and read carefully.

Anonymous said...

So what? Do she and her husband pay their taxes? I am sure you are a perfect individual, so this might be difficult to understand, but people have a right to earn a living, and like it or not, this is a legal business. If you weren't so personally petty in your articles, it would be easier to respect your opinion even if I didn't agree with it.

Dan said...

9-11 3:25. Do they pay their taxes? How would u know if they did or didn't. They were closed down for prostitution and drugs. If that's the world u wanna live in- spread your legs and hang up a shingle. Go a ahead and defend it. Read some of the articles the husband is a COKE head.... Fits In well in Hamburg. Cmon... Where are the morality police? Where's CHA- and PIAZZA. Would they want their daughter working for the Whipples? She is a sleazy woman. And she uses the school district as a pipeline for future "pole dancing strippers''. How would Wendy feel? Certain he must have an opinion about woman's bodies being used to solicit sex, drugs and money. Do they pay taxes. Let's see!

Anonymous said...

Dan- apparently they don't pay taxes, they don't pay the rent, but they were shut down for prostitution and drugs. Yeah- and now Tom Flynn is hovering around the PTA meetings looking for a little action from the Madam of Route 5. All moms and dads be disgusted by this creature. And who on earth would ever allow their kids to go near their house. These folks are the makings of a law and order episode. OMG- Hamburg what a classy place.