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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hamburg Village Justice Andrew Fleming, greases the palms; ADMONISHED

In the State of New York, and hopefully elsewhere, it is a violation of judicial ethics for judges to have an appearance of impropriety- either directly or indirectly.  It makes sense, doesn't it?  A person accused of a crime, doesn't want the judge in the black robes to have had removed his blind folded sense of justice, does he or she?   No one wants the Judge to go fishing for a civil case after he or she has acted in a criminal arraignment.  No one wants Judges to cast away the rules,  and only use them when judging others.  No one want district attorneys, police, and other judges to be at the end of a purse string.  No one wants cover-ups, lies, deceit and institutionalized  evil.    This stuff can't go on in America.  We are a nation of truth and justice, hamburgers and hot dogs (tofu, if ya like) and most of all trust in a fair and honorable system.  Our system is built on people who give themselves to high ideals and the rule of law.

Well in Hamburg, as we have reported for almost 5 years, these ideals along with the  law are just a foot note.  For a second time in less than two years, Hamburg Village Judge Andrew Fleming got his hands slapped by the Judges of Judges, The New York State Judicial Ethics Committee.    See NYS Judicial Ethics Committee decision on Andy :  Andrew Fleming Admonished Again

Hamburg Village Justice Andrew Fleming serves as part-time judge.   He is a full time practitioner of law  with his buddy, partner and self-proclaimed disciple of all that is wrong in the Hamburg School District,  Mr. Daniel Chiacchia ( aka Hamburg Guy).  From what it appears the high ideals and the rule of law are secondary in this story.

Judge Fleming through his partner Hamburg Guy, and his wife US Assistant District Attorney Mary Pat Fleming made sizable campaign contributions to a faction of the Erie County Democratic Party and others.  Judge Fleming donated tens of thousands of dollars to judicial and district attorney election coffers.   The public admonishment of Fleming reveals sizable financial contributions to Erie County DA Frank Sedita,  NYS Supreme Court Justice Patrick NeMoyer, other judges like Chimes, Case, Pace, Keane (s), Fahey, Dillon and more.  

So folks where is the independent judiciary?  How is it that the DA can accept money from village judges, US Assistant District attorneys and school board bullies like Hamburg Guy?  

So, just when you are thinking, "so what"?

You should ask yourself,  why would Hamburg Guy and Judge Fleming give over $1,000.00 to former Hamburg School Board Member Doctor Calkins and her running mate Sheila Ruhland?
Concerned Hamburger reported on this curiosity on July 4, 2013 in a post called : The Curious Case of Joan Calkins, Sheila Ruhland, candidates.....  ( Concerned understand that the DIGITS firm had a particular curiosity about the July 4, 2013 post also)

Hamburg Guy and his judicial partner Fleming funded the campaigns of Calkins and Ruhland.    Both woman lost their bid for a school board seat.  But Chiacchia and Fleming were back at it the following year giving giant sums of money to Hamburg School Board Members Thomas Flynn and Cameron Hall.  Then in 2014, Hamburg Guy and the man in black robes gave even larger sums of money to Hamburg Board Member Michael McGarry and Robbin List.

So there you have it readers.  Draw your own conclusions.   The Hamburg Village Judge has been admonished twice in two years.   Who is Hamburg Guy gonna blame now?


J. Doyle said...

And don't forget Hamburg Guy, WACKO Piazza, Striper MOM, Bry-Lin frequent Jetter and James Martinez, Boston Valley Principal organized those sick crazy hate session against people he don't like. Andrew was at one of them remember...ANDREW had his Fleming for Justice signs all over the front of the Wesleyan Church in Hamburg. OMG, these people are f' ing NUTS. Are the wagons circling? Hmmm

Anonymous said...

Wait one second, wasn't Andrew and Danny getting sued in NeMoyer's Court, and at the same time they are giving the old man money? Hmmm...shouldnt that be an ethics complaint? Hamburg Guy is really, in my opinion, one of the dumbest shits on lawyer lane in Hamburg. Why does the guy SHAKE SOOO MUCH? Did he fall off a roof, or is it something else? Remember CHA was trying to blame everyone else that ANDY was taking clients from the bench, but he was breaking the law the whole time greasing palms. Wonder who is gonna represent the drug users? Anyone out there.

Anonymous said...

Dan chaiccha has cost Andy so much damage. These guys are pigs. What's happening with Darren chiacxhia- is he in the lock up yet in Florida for spreading aids to his lovers. Andy take a look at the trailer trash bringing u down. Ur better than that Andrew. U got cut the nut loose . Dan is a rotten tomato. Right sirs?

Anonymous said...

When will the Hamburg residence pull their heads out of the sand long enough to see just how much damage Dan Chiacchia, Ed Piazza and Jim Martinez have caused in this district. It's obvious that shaking Dan and his partner with all of their legal connections ,think they're above the law.

Steve J said...

Anyhow, does Ed piazza wanna address the drug problem in Hamburg? Mr Piazza, you said at one of your meetings if there was a drug problem in Hamburg, u would lead the charge. Little Ed , did you count how many Hamburg kids died of overdoses this summer? Or did you read about the drug runners of 10 getting busted on heroin charges in the Hamburg sun. Oh yeah, there aren't drugs in Hamburg, but there are plenty of scumbag judges and filthy lawyers. A dark evil community is a mild description. Our kids are addicted to heroin.

Sun Reader said...

Wait is that the same female who was arrested in Hamburg for heroin as reported in the Hamburg Sun Police Blotter? The same one Mr. Jordan called a "runner"? Thats because people who use drugs tell the truth, right?

Don said...

Hey Ed, If you would leave bar side long enough to sober up, You might take a look at the facts. Hopefully you will read this early before you drown down another Manhattan. Really defending a guy who. Or once but twice dishonored his position. Heck, Andy might be a fine guy- he might deliver food to the poor and what ever else he does. That's great- thank God he does these kinds of things. But, Ed, it's not what we do when people are watching that defines character. It's what we do in private, and based on this record- the guy gets and F. I don't write on the News, but we know you love this blog. Really trying to blame the malcontents? If anything Andrew should pick this up with his partner- it seems he is the source of much of the vendetta agenda which you decry. Maybe Andy has learned a lesson, but really blaming imaginary demons for what Andrew and CHA did makes up look like the manhattans have gone to you head. Let's not be foolish Ed.

RJ said...

How does that crazy freak James Martinez still have a job? In my opinion he should be in the lock up for what he and Brent Jordan did to June Meisner. You know June, the safety plan..... All a crazy Martinez and Jordan lie. All the documents are going public real soon. Jim, today while the rest of patriotic Americans honor real heroes from 14 years ago, and as our hearts sag with memories of grief, loss and disbelief, you should be celebrating the 2 year anniversary of the revelation of your mental sickness. Don't talk remember crazy Jim, the workplace vampire---- you fake phones lies to the police? Jim, hopefully state Ed will see you for the sick freak you are- you made up a lie about a gun in a school. James Martinez, Hamburg safety officer is a person who should be in the mental institution not Boston Valley. Jim you and Brent Jordan- the liar of all liars- are on tape with all of your lies. Let's see how this is gonna go. Sick freaks in Hamburg,

Darren said...

Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2014 9:44 PM
To: Sherry Phillips;;;;;;;; Kathleen Lipomi;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Al Rettig; Amy Kane; Ann Rindfuss; apwalier; asmith;; Beth Ciccarella; Bill Lavelle;; Bwalters43; Caren Chilcott; Carey Gibbons;;; cdenecke;; Celina Taylor; Charlene Almasi;; Chris Gaughan;; CHRISTA DESPIRT; Christina Whipple;; Colleen K. Brennan; Colleen Russo; Colleen Shafer; colmerauer mark;;; Dan Chiacchia;; David Hollfelder;;;;; eagleslook;; Ed Piazza;; Edward Kent;;;; Erik Johnson;;; heeterhome; hmardino; Jacqueline Ryan;;;;;; Jeanette Benson; Jeffrey Russo; Jennifer Aroune-Richter; Jennifer Renzetti;;; Jill Chiacchia;;;;; JOANNE COLMERAUER; Joe and Sarah Marvin; Joe Gordon; Joyce Rogers;;;;; KAREN FARRY; Kelly Heine; Kristina;;; Laura Eberhardt; Leann Wehrmann; Lisa Nowak;;;;;;; maherfamlee; Maria Johnson; Marilou Zorn; Mark J. Colmerauer; Mark Monile; Mary Colleen House; Mary Lynn Ranger; Matthew A. Dils; Maureen Thiel;; mdj3493;;;; Michael McGarry; Midge Harrington;;; mmurray; Molly Reader;;;;;; Sarah Koss; shannon lipke;;;;;; Sue McEwen; Tim Nyhart; Tom Lipomi; Tracy Novoa; Trisha Monile; Wendy Horth;; William and Rachel McCormick;

Darren said...


I am forwarding you a letter my brother Dan Chiacchia has written and sent to the Buffalo News and posted on his facebook page.
This is his response to the article that was in The Editorial Section of today's Buffalo News.

I am proud to say he is my brother and stand beside him.

Thank you,

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Dan Chiacchia 
Date: Tue, May 13, 2014 at 8:18 PM
Subject: Election Update
To: Wendy McCann ,, Amy & Mike Kane , Amy and Pat Eustace , Amy Takacs , Andy Walier ,,, Bill & Tracy Palisano , Bill Murphy , Bill Nye , Bob & Caroline Haffey , Bob & Caroline Haffey , Bob Madden , Brian & Jennifer Attea , Brian McDonald , Brunelle Bill , "Brunner Collins, Patti" , Cameron Hall , Carl Morgan , Carol & John McLaughlin ,, Chris Gorham , Christina Whipple , Chuck & Jen Luba , Cindy Conlon , Claudia Collins , Dan Chiacchia , Dan Ferris , Dan Sauda , Dan Sawers , Darryl & chris Duink Farm , Denise & William Miller , "Dennis GLeason", Diana Corto , "Dils, Matt" , Dixon Quinlivan Lynn , Donald Kirst , Donald Ogilvie , Doyle John , Doyle Kathleen , "Duink, Christine" , Ed Beck , Ed Murphy , Ed Piazza , Erik Johnson ,, Fleming Andy , Flynn Tom , Garra Maureen , Glenn Christner , Gow Jackie , Greg + Linda Marco , Greg Luthringer , Greg Wichlacz , "Griffin John & Stephanie \(Business Fax\)", Gugino Russ , Heather Mardino , "Hon. Walter Rooth" ,,,, jean gunner , Jeff Sue Neureuter , Jeffrey Sortisio , Jeffrey Sortisio , Jeremy Ross ,,, Jim Henneberg , Jim Martinez ,, "Joan DR. Calkins" , "Joan DR. Calkins" , Joe & Lisa Colangelo , Joe Gordon ,, Joe Gunning , Joe Rindfuss , joe wenzel , "Joel and Mary Violanti \(Business Fax\)", Joel Maxson , John & Nicole Krzyzanowski , "John & Nicole Krzyzanowski (" , Jose Perez ,,, Kaitlyn Johnson , Kathy Battin , Kathy Klemenich , Kelly Vacco , Ken Schoetz , Kristin Biniewski , Kryszak Clare ,, Laurie & Bill Staley , Lisa Doyle , mallory keller , Marc DiMatteo , Maria Chiacchia , Mark Dziob , Martha Fischer , Martha Mumbach , Martin Mitch , Marty Denecke , Mary Ellen & Mark Danyluk , Mary Lou Moses ,, Matt Dils ,,, "Michael F. Perley" , Michael Quinn , Mike & Michelle Flattery , Mike Melisz , Mike Pace ,, Pat Cauley , Peter & Roxanne Linton ,, "Reader, Molly" , Richard Saraf , Rick Dimpl , Rick Schara ,,, Robert Paas , Robillard Chris & Tracy , Rust Marg , Ryan MacKellar , Ryan McCann , Sandy + bill Brunelle , "Sandy + bill Brunelle \(Business Fax\)", "Scott, Josselyn" , Sheila Ruhland , Sterns Liz , Steve Dlugosz , Steve Mandiak , Steven Walters , Strawbrich Taylor , Ted Marty , Terry Dunford , "Todd, Martha Fischer" , Tom & Lynn Fitzgerald , Walter Rooth III , "Yoviene, David" , Zitnik Magdalene

Darren said...

CMON- WHERE IS THE COMMUNITY- DID YA SEE THRU THE NOB? A SECOND ADMONISHMENT FOR THE HONORABLE JUDGE. THIRD Time is the CHARM. Last year a good friend of mine asked me to help with her campaign for election to the Hamburg School Board. At the time of my initial involvement I did not understand the complexity of the issues involving our school district. During the campaign I received a crash course about the players and the background behind the Board dysfunction. (I emphasize “Board” dysfunction, because there is nothing dysfunctional about the quality of education our children receive at Hamburg: We have a 95% graduation rate and are ranked 10th by Business First).  As I voiced opinions about candidates during the 2013 election campaign, I was subjected to criticism both on the Internet and via letters from attorneys threatening lawsuits.  I held my ground and continued to voice my opinions.

Darren said...

After last year’s election I distanced myself until this past fall, when a small group of parents asked me to join their cause to try to make things right.  Since then, myself, Ed Piazza, and many other concerned citizens have empowered teachers, staff, and administrators to fight the wrongdoers and take appropriate action. We constantly call out bad behaviors and stand up for those who have been victimized and bullied.  For speaking out, Mr. Piazza, myself, and others are routinely subjected to ridicule and defamation on the Internet and otherwise.  Even the two candidates I endorse, Tom Flynn and Cameron Hall, are ridiculed and defamed without basis in fact.
It was the educated guess of Hamburg community members that the negative faction of the Hamburg School Board would not go without a candidate in this election. All of a sudden on April 2, 2014, a gentleman showed up at his first Hamburg School Board meeting and spoke at public expression.  After that meeting, this gentleman, Kevin Steffan, did not speak with those Board members who are known to the community to be forces for good; instead, he spoke with Sally Stephenson, Catherine Schrauth-Forcucci, and Holly Balaya, the three people who nearly 1500 Hamburg residents have indicated (via petition to Education Commissioner John King) that they want removed from office.
He doesn't speak with those members of the community group that has worked so hard to educate the public. Not only that, of the six candidates that submitted election petitions, Mr. Steffan has the only petitions with the supporting signatures of Stephenson, Balaya, Catherine Forcucci, and Alan Forcucci. One would have to ask if you're not affiliated with these people why would you want their support?  They certainly were not asked to sign the petitions of Tom Flynn or Cameron Hall.  At best we have a candidate that paid no attention to the school Board until six weeks ago and doesn't have the knowledge or fortitude to be part of the solution.  It is recommended that he take the time to learn the essential facts so he can make an informed decision about getting involved.
Before people try to tarnish my reputation, they should know all the facts.  Chuck Mahoney is a friend, ally, and collaborator of Sally Stephenson. After this candidate spoke on April 2, 2014, the Board President, Dave Yoviene, started telling all who would listen that he was introduced to Mr. Steffan by Chuck Mahoney either at Chuck Mahoney's house or at a gathering at the Pour House last spring.  Yoviene even confirmed same in a text to me.  On April 9, 2014 I did a simple Facebook post that says that he may be affiliated with this group, nothing else was ever said again on the Internet or otherwise about it.
People need thick skin to be involved in our school district. You can't waver on your convictions. You cannot get emotional and quit when the going gets tough. How would this candidate react if his character and family were constantly defamed?  Will he fold his tent again?  I will continue to speak my mind and do what I think is right for the benefit of the district. So far I think the majority of the community knows that I have good intentions with no agendas.  I have devoted hundreds of hours to this cause without any compensation whatsoever.  I am supporting Tom Flynn and Cameron Hall for school board not for any other reason than that they are the best candidates right now for the job.  Many others feel the same way.
Dan Chiacchia

Ted said...

Thank Amanda Bolin the vice principal
At HHS has the worst voice I have ever heard. she sounds like she is 13 And hasn't hit puberty. Of course the loser never left Hamburg and has been having her way with Mr Jordan- so the story goes. Funny how Jetter gave her the job she can barely do. How was she as a teacher? She was out
For mental health reasons. Duh. Mrs Bolin you only have your job because your mamma was pullin tricks with uncle Peter while she was on the school board. Get a life you doughy voiced loser.

Anonymous said...

I read the email addressed on the Dan email. Is the guy gone bonkers. And who is that person, the same one who was arrested for possession of heroine? One of Hamburg's finest? Lets guess now.

Boston Valley parent- JL said...

As a side note, the comment under Yoviene's picture on the blog "I thought no one puts baby in the corner," is priceless. This is obviously a reference to Yoviene being bounced out of the president's chair by those who he thought were his friends. As soon as Yoviene got on the board in 2013 he flipped immediately and kissed Tom's and Patty's asses, in an attempt to fit in with the "cool kids." Drunken patty and Tom "a face only a mother could love" Flynn played the rolly polly Yoviene and pretended to really like his tub ass. But it was obvious to all that they didn't really like Dave or respect him. And low and behold he did not get elected for a 3rd straight term as boe president. And since that time the new majority has shunned Yoviene. Hence the board majority shutting Yoviene down tonight when he attempted to boost the vets exemption, in order to make himself look good. Listen Dave, the men on the board know you dropped out of St. Bonaventure...hence, your bio line that you "attended St. Bonaventure." As soon as you read that someone "attended" any college, you should immediately know that they didn't graduate, because they would have written "graduated from", if they actually graduated. So Dave, the new board majority knows you were a st. bonaventure drop out. They know you sit on your daddy's knee every day at work and help him. They know you have ZERO actual business savvy or educational experience (unless you count the keg stands you did in your first, and only, semester at Bonaventure.) You kissed the boards ass, you kissed chiacchia's ass, but it all went south Dave,,,your on the outside looking in. Everyone on both sides thinks you are a piece of shit....problem for you is that there may be those who are not done with your fat, pathetic ass. Word!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, and don't forget the ass kissing Dave gave Jetter , I loved the news clip where Dave is yelling " Jetters our man, he's one of us" The funniest thing is that when Dave bent down to kiss Jetters ass he was actually kissing the back of Martinez's head.

J. Clemson said...

I went to Bonaventure with Yoviene. We used to call him "little tub of shit." He would constantly tell us how much money his dad had, blah, blah, blah. He got zero girls in college, went to zero classes and was basically a zero. If not for his father's business I bet he would be working as a toll booth operator (no offense to toll booth operators).

Document Creator Dan said...

Supreme Court Justice John A Michalek was given money by Little Squirt Dan, and the Dishonorable Flemings its in the papers. Now he is presiding over the 3020 A case? Wonder if Michalek got any of Dan's famous telephone calls inviting people to his office on So. Park to look at what he has???? Document Creator Dan.

Anonymous said...

Is Dan Chiacchia insane? I read his emails he sent to people- CLEARLY- ( in my opinion Cha) he has mental health issues. Its OK- theres help out there. So, wheres Dan these days? Trying to keep it together- the community now sees his agenda for what it was- a vendetta. Even the community of his peers are calling into question his ethics- via a Part 1200. Several people have filed ethics charges against Dan, because he is dirty- in our opinion. But the his peers will judge that. Stars are aligning.