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Thursday, October 15, 2015

What took SO long?

The  Hamburg Boars of Education finally approved the Alternate Veterans' Tax Exemption that will kick in for our brave men and women in 2016-17.  Thank you VETS for your service to our great nation.  It is vexing that the Hamburg School District has taken three years to finally arrive at a decision to provide our Vets with small relief from sky rocketing school taxes.   Most bizarre is that some of the Boars actually criticized the State of New York for making it their job to set the level of exemption.  Yes, Boars, you might have to do something while on the school board, other than do shady things out of the public's eye.  ( Didn't Danny tell you this when he bought your seat for you? Perhaps you should've just called Dan, and asked him what to do.  He never spent a single day in the Unites States Military*)

It is down right humorous that some of the Boars spoke about the shifting of tax burden to non-veterans, by providing the Vets a small relief.    Not  one of the members of the Hamburg School Board, nor any of the over paid, under worked administrators spent one single day in then United States Military.  Shame on you for making such thankless remarks.   Are the Boars concerned hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars being filtered to Hodgson Russ Law Firm?

The tax relief given to the our brave men and women would likely not amount to more than one month of the District's legal bills.

*would likely be rejected for not meeting the height and weight requirements, but would've made a perfect flying monkey in the emerald forest.


Anonymous said...

Tom Flynn should be ashamed of himself for saying he feels bad for the non vet taxpayer. Did he feel bad for me and guys like me who lived in the jungles of Viet Nam when we were 19 years old. What a total ASS this guy is.

E.C.M said...

Dear Hamburg School Blogger,

That Richard Jetter who last maybe six months in your district is kicking up his heals in Ken-Ton, he is asking parents to write letters and wants to create the same drama he did in Hamburg. All of the parents who are watching Jetter make a fool of himself, find his arrogance bordering on insanity. He is going after Dawn Mirand, did your BOE turn her down to hire that liar jetter. So, we have the survey about sex and other social issues in Ken-Ton you probably do to because I think that most districts use it. Kids take it in middle school. Some people don't like it. But lets face it Middle School kids know about the birds and the put it nicely. So Jetter is trying to harass Mirand. Can you really believe this guy would ever show his head. He tried to take over the PTA, but only his wife got on. The entire Ken-Ton District knows all about this guy, and he continues to embarrass himself. Rumor has it he is trying to get Mirand fired so he can become superintendent of Ken-Ton. Like, really. So, lots of us come to your page here on this blog and we are all wondering why this guy would show his face in the district. Here is what he write to Mirand:

Mrs. Mirand:

Thank you for getting back to me.

Please allow me to elaborate more on the reason/rationale for a survey instrument policy and why I originally e-mailed you:

Next year, my son, Edward, will be a 7th grader. When I think about him taking the Youth Risk Survey, I cringe. If you can reassure me and promise that the Youth Risk Survey will never be administered in our District again, then I will be completely satisfied--as will other parents, I'm sure.

If you can't make such a promise or if you feel that the Health Dept. will make appropriate revisions to this survey, then I think a policy, such as the one that I proposed, would be a great way to review surveys of all sorts. It is also best practice to have a first reading of any survey instrument so new ideas can be discussed, revisions can be made, or communication across the BOE can foster more collaboration as to the purpose of any survey and how the results will be used to raise student achievement.

I hope you will reconsider my proposal.

I'm simply a parent who cares about my own children and the others in our District.

Thanks for taking the time to reconsider.

Please let me know your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Jetter should be more concerned with how his past behavior impacted his child. Tequila!

Ed said...

Hey There Concerned Hamburg,

Why doesn't all the people who come to your blog and read your blog email James Martinez and ask him these questions:

1. Did you tamper with student tests, and try to blame it on your secretary and then stage two break ins to Boston Valley? Rumor has it James, that you Jetter and Jordan were "tampering" with test data and making it look like the students are doing better then they really are. You know James, why would you act SO INSANE if you weren't playing with tests data. I mean really it doesn't take too much other than looking at the test scores. And the teachers ratings because of the test scores. Funny, you had liar Jetter and that blubber Jordan controlling the data for the District. Heck, no morals there. So, rumor has it now lots of Hamburg teacher got back scores from last year. Hmmm... curious James. Break-ins and sectrataries stealing students documents. You are a liar Martinez. Now this is just a rumor at this point, but it can be easily resolved by coming cleaning Martinez.

2. Did you really call two police squads and report a gun was going to be brought to a school and you knew damn well you made it up in that insane head of yours?

If everyone emails the BOSTON VALLEY PRINCIPAL AT THIS PERSONAL EMAIL and Ask him the same questions.... maybe the old man will crack and come clean. Meanwhile, Jordan is "massaging" data and his data stick? Just saying dudes don't get too upset. The truth will out boys.

Joe G said...

Well Blow me down, Dirty Don Ogilve, guess who is giving you up you freak of nature. Dirty Don and his Dirty Dealings in Hamburg, lots of info is surfacing on that guy. Don, where is your Hamburg experience on that resume of yours.. guess a little to close to Eddy O, and his itchy palms?

Anonymous said...

Jetter still stirring the pot in Kenmore. He wrote a "policy", was dismissed (rightly ) by the Superintendent and now will speak to the board at the next meeting. Seems the crazy train cricles back to Ken-Ton.