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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hamburg District Safety Officer, and other Hamburg Administrators create false safety threats- District rewards bizarre conduct-SED ignors

"There's a new sense of security in Hamburg Schools" , so goes the introductory line of the District's publication of The Focus for November and December 2015.    This statement begs the question, was there ever a doubt that Hamburg Schools are safe?    The District publication states that Boston Valley Elementary School Principal James Martinez is the District Safety Officer.    The concerns for safety in the District should be about Mr. Martinez, not the external threats to the buildings that the elaborate "state of the art" security addresses.  

This past week, Concerned Hamburger received  disturbing emails from two separate sources.  Both, in  independent reports, verified that James Martinez, Boston Valley Elementary School Principal, made false and disturbing reports to the New York State Police and the Hamburg Village Police targeting a staff member.  

Mr. Martinez, who, from all reports seems to be a bit off his rocker, called the New York State Police and the Hamburg Village Policeman Capt'n Melisz and falsely reported a staff member was going to bring a gun to school.   Mr. Martinez made the claim knowing it was false.    The staff member was unaware of the hoax, but Martinez and other members of the "security team" including Mr. Brent Jordan were well aware of the lies that were being created to instill  fear in certain members of the community.    The date of this disturbing occurrence was 9-11-13. 

In a strange twist, Safety Officer Martinez, called a* parent of students in Hamburg High School and Hamburg Middle School and reported that her children could not be guaranteed  safety at Hamburg High School and Middle Schools.  Mall Cop Martinez and District Administrator Brent Jordan created a safety plan for a student at Hamburg High School with the sole intent to instill fear in  students and a family for no other reason than to harass a targeted staff member, who according to sources was not present in the buildings at the time.  

The entire tale about guns and lack of safety were lies created by a seemingly crazy man to tarnish the reputation of staff members.  Martinez with the assistance of Brent Jordan and a newly appointed High School Assistant Principal A. Bolin created lies about safety for no other purpose than to create false documents about a staff member.   These incidents were reported to the school board, two superintendents- Coppola and Cornell, (Doc. Jetter was well aware of it, but he was proven to be insane) and the New York State Department of Education.  The replies are shocking.   Hamburg Superintendent, fresh from a perch as a Middle School Principal offered tenure to Mr. Martinez, ignoring multiple reports of his mentally unstable conduct.   As for Jordan and Bolin they received hefty raises from the school district according to District records. 

In a recently released recording between a private citizen and the head of investigations with the New York State Education Department (SED), the department at SED that investigates "immoral" certificate holders didn't think it was a big deal that a man who is entrusted to look after several hundred people called in a fake gun threat to two police agencies.   One must guess that SED hasn't been made aware of violence in schools, and if they are aware of gun violence in schools they seemingly do not take it seriously.  If a child called in a fake gun threat it would be on the front page of the USA Today. 

Additionally, Concerned was notified that Safety Officer Martinez made two separate false break in reports at Boston Valley Elementary School. Mr. Martinez, in another act of insanity, made the claim to the Hamburg School Board that over two separate weekends in October, a gang of 3 or 4 individuals were seen entering the Boston Valley Elementary School.  Mr. Martinez, in a departure from his conduct related to the gun hoax, did NOT call the police, even though the New York State Police have an office just a stones throw from Boston Valley.    Mr. Martinez, instead of calling the police, falsely accused his secretary, and a handful of others.   Martinez as a building principal and school safety officer didn't think it was important to call the police, because as it turns out it was indeed Mr. Martinez who entered his own building and staged a break-in.     The police eventually investigated the fake break-ins, but not until several weeks after Martinez made up the stories.   The security firm that installed the cameras at Boston Valley told the District that the cameras were manually turned off by the person who had the security code.  (aka James Martinez)

Well, if that doesn't make you wonder what is wrong with Mr. Martinez, this will, and it has been reported before in other media formats. James Martinez knew Dick Jetter damaged his own car back in May 2014.   As a re-fresher, Jetter was in a drunken state resultant of a day drinking outing with the Hamburg Middle School Principal. While drunk, Jetter wrapped his car around a utility pole and then made a false claims that it was his imaginary demons that damaged his car.   Jetter despite making over $170,000 per year, then pilfered district money to pay the repair costs.  Mr. Martinez, who was recently tenured by Superintendent Cornell, was not fired by the District for his insane actions, but rather rewarded.    Martinez aided and abetted in Jetter's crime, and the Hamburg School District, the Boars of Education, and the investigators at SED think this is conduct that should be excused. Fake reports about guns in schools do not seem to bother Cornell, the Boars and SED.   

So, Hamburg Focus readers,  the bells and whistles of the new district safety plan are indeed impressive, they will help keep the children safe while studying.   

However, the one must consider that the external threats are minimal compared to the bizarre conduct of District Safety Officer Martinez. 

The recording between a private Hamburg citizen and Mr. Bart Zabin of the New York State Education Department regarding Mr. James Martinez will be made available shortly on You Tube.  Technical difficulties came up.  CH will up date the post when the recording is up and running.  

* this means only one parent.  There are approximately 1,500 children in Hamburg, but Martinez only seemed concerned about one child  in Hamburg High School, and one child in Hamburg Middle School.    So, parents, unless it was you that was call, you should have dire concerns about this man and his lies. 


UPES said...

Cornell is so afraid that if he fired martinez he'd lose his job. Cornell is a pussy, and this board was appointed by wacko lawyer after he blew his wad on the campaigns. Martinez is crazy and everyone does know it. Please post the recording, can't wait to here what the education department said about the crazy guy. Crazy dude Martinez, just ask the teachers that work in his building they are afraid to come out of their rooms. Nice Job Cornell, most of the staff is not impressed with you so far. Just saying

Anonymous said...

So thats whats going on. Whoa, this is pretty crazy shit. I smell Don.

Anonymous said...

It's about time all of the dirty dealing by Martinez and Jetter comes out. That is true about Martinez knowing about Jetter's car incident. That was stated in court during Jetters sentencing. Big Jim sat by quietly for 2 1/2 months while the district's fingers were pointed at Forcucci and her family as the " ROGUE FACTION "( a clever phrase created by little Dan Chia and his hate group) who damaged RJ's auto. As you all know, Jetter was outed by Forcucci during that ridiculous hearing to have her removed as a BOE member. That leads me to another comment. Why would Forcucci spend so much money fighting to defend herself (for a NON paid position) and the district spend over $160,000 (of YOUR money, not theirs) to have her removed? Could it be because she had the foresight to warn the BOE about Jetter? Or because she objected to his contract? Or because she urged the BOE to follow State Law and District Policy? WHY WAS SHE REMOVED? Because she sought truth and transparency, she was asking too many questions so she had to go. Just ask Yoviene, he's on the news saying that "it was money well spent". So much for his leadership. As for Cornell, he can't deny that he didn't know about all of Martinez's BS before he awarded him tenure. A week prior to Big Jim being granted tenure, Sally Stephenson( a former BOE member) sent Cornell a blistering email with dates of several documented incidents where Martinez had displayed poor moral character and outright lies . Martinez has the dirt on all the players. If he was fired he would squeal like the pig he is and blow the roof off this district.

NT Mom said...

Cornell has been on the job less than a year and he has already tangled himself up in so many lies its gross... He would be well to rethink following the advice of known liar and immoral bottom feeder Andrew freedman. The lawyer for the district is crazy... He tried to attack a board member in executive. I was there and then the freak went to HHS last October and threatened teachers. Andrew freedman has been reported to the attorney grievance committee -here's hoping they take his licenses away. But maybe the screw ball Colleen Diane at Erie one can get Andrew a job washing toilets... Being piled high in shit seems to be his comfort Zone. Quick Andrew call you Digits and spend thousands of dollars... You are a filthy big and you ruined the name of the Hodgson russ lawfirm. Why did they let that swine in?

Dan Dan the Rock and Roll Man said...

I heard that Martinez said that if they do anything to him he will blow in all the assholes that were really after this teacher, you all know who they are Chiacchia, Flemming, and Donald Ogilve. Really, the first "concerned parents" meeting at ERIE ONE BOCES was sponsored by Don. Where are the insane Piazzas and Whipples who have some possible substance abuse paranoia where they think people are staring at them. Heck that Ed Piazza is such an ugly little midget, staring at him would take the wind for anyone and his wife was struck with the ugly stick, so no CRAZY PIAZZAS, no one was staring at you or your family. Take the meds and enter the main stream. Martinez will crack the man is completely insane. How do you feel about giving tenure to a lunatic Mr. Cornell... just because you were the only person who went to hamburg to be superintendent doesn't make you a good leader. It means everyone with a real brain and leadership skills wouldn't touch the place. So you the loser that took the job....

Anonymous said...

Martinez should have been removed years ago. He stayed in the sd because he threatened to expose the districts drug problems. Martinez only cares about himself and everyone knows it. Did it ever occur to anyone why he staged break ins at his own school? Did anyone ever challenge him for the mysterious rise in testing scores at Boston Valley Schools? Was the rise in state testing legitimate?
Maybe Martinez had to target his former Sec. and community members or sb members who questioned him to point fingers at what he was up to in student files. Yes it is correct that most at BVS avoid him, stay in their classrooms and fear him. Who does not fear an individual who can affect his or her livelihood. Cornell will sit tight and bow to his masters, the majority of the sb and weather they have the "best interests of our kids at heart" are just words. Martinez & Richard Jetter were a sick team and they had many of us fooled. Check out the steep rise in test scores at BVS. They many have been created by Jetter & Martinez. School Board and supt and State Ed. should not turn their backs on this they at least need to call for and INDEPENDANT INVESTIGATION People have been convicted of test cheating before. Our school deserves the truth.

Anonymous said...

Remember Dan Chiacchia runs Cornell and the schools. He has created his own political party and his law partner Andrew Flemming was chided by NYS Judicial Ethics Board for campaign violations.

Anonymous said...

we know its all true


Martinez was Donald Ogivle's CRAZY MAN. Donny is a rotten egg... he was executive director of the gypsies, tramps and thieves of the Hamburg School Foundation- Ed "Don't ya know ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK OLD MAN" Osborne noble father in law of that puffer Joe- get a job- not a blow job- Gunning, twice and probably soon to be trice admonished- the HONORABLE Judge Fleming, and look at my small penis and my blue PORSHE I GOT RICH RIDING KIDS AROUND FOR HOURS Fischer. Martinez is a sicko who should NEVER Be near people much less kids. DID ANYONE EVERY TRY TO UNDERSTAND HIM. DID HE GO TO COLLEGE? THE GUY IS A FREAK. I almost feel sorry for insane jetter- it must suck for him that he was sucking on, well never mind, and now is out of a job and NO health insurance, because he was DONNIE'S PATSY. THESE GUYS ARE TRASH FOLKS.... LIBBY AND KEVIN the underground thugs. AND THEN YOU ADD IN WACKO FREEDMAN- FREAKS, and IT LOOKS LIKE THIS DUMB ASS NEW GUY CORNEL IS ABOUT AS STUPID.

Anonymous said...

Concerned Hamburger-- care to investigate the lack of AIS services being provided to students at HHS? More than a quarter of the way through the year the schedule for AIS services still hasn't been figured out by administration--leaving students in need of assistance struggling to make it on their own, and at least four teachers with extra "free periods" during their school day because they haven't been assigned students for AIS. Seems like this should be a priority for HHS administration, not attending district meetings or planning sessions for teachers on "student engagement". Hamburg definitely needs to work on putting the needs of students first.

Anonymous said...

James Martinez and Bloated Brent Jordan created a fake safety plan for MRs Meisners kid. These two guys terrorized a child. The plan included a safety teacher Matthew Moscato who worked in 4 districts in 3 years- red flag! This poor kid was terrorized with filthy slobs - Martinez, Jetter, Jordan and Moscato. Just ask the kids teacher... They created a special route for the kid around the school. These guys are sick fucks! Bloated Jordan- what a filthy PIG.

Anonymous said...

Fat Ass Brent Jordan- having meetings in your office with the boys tonite. You sucker! Careful Brent- your Booze is going to your head. During executive session. Laurie

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So insane Martinez lied to another state agency. Martinez- the goal is to get you to spend time in an all male prisonz. Then, big boy, you will be found out for the freak you are. It would be nice to see James Martinez locked up- and well, let the boys have at him. Martinez is a sick liar who is not fit to be near kids, or any living thing really. Maybe be could clean the toilets in the lock up.

RJ said...

In an email to me on 10/19/13 , Martinez wrote the following in quotes. Martinez is truly insane. He is so out there that he thinks Freedom of Information Requests can capture verbal communications. Jim, go home sit by your scanner and chase fire trucks around Colden. You are insane. Jim is paranoia and needs therapy. Been there done that. Lots more where these came from.... Love, R.J.

"Good afternoon,
I would like to file an official complaint The area is a hostile work environment. The categories are freedom of speech and whistle blower laws. The subjects are Martha Kavanaugh, Beth Cheney, Catherine Schrauth-Forucci, Sally Stephenson, and Holly Balaya. In addition, I am making a FOIL request for any and all correspondence, written, e-mails, verbal conversations, including executive sessions regarding me since July 1, 2013. I also request that James Tresmond, Martha Kavanaugh,Catherine Schrauth-Forucci, Sally Stephenson and Holly Balaya not speak to me or enter Boston Valley Elementary School unless I have my attorney present. Needless to say I want an independent attorney appointed by the Hamburg Central School District to handle my complaint.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

James Martinez
Boston Valley Elementary School
716-646-3240 office
716-863-3407 mobile
716-646-3244 fax "