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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Progressive Hamburg?

At a recent  Hamburg Board of Education meeting, the Board voted unanimously to permit students who identify as transgendered to choose which restroom and lockroom they feel more comfortable using.   As reported in the Buffalo News: 
"When the Hamburg School District on Tuesday adopted a new policy allowing transgender students access to restrooms and locker rooms for the gender that they identify with, it very well may have been the first district in Erie County to do so.
It was not a tough sell in Hamburg. The board held no public comment or board debate, and the policy, which also applies to gender nonconforming students, passed quickly and unanimously.“I think we wanted to get out in front of it and get it done. We didn’t really see it as that big of a deal, other than memorializiing what we’re already doing,” said Thomas F. Flynn, Hamburg’s School Board president. “I brought it up to a vote, and everyone voted. I guess everyone understood the background of it. Our point wasn’t to try to make a big deal about it and grandstand on it. It’s just another policy that we passed.”
In Hamburg, Cornell said he wouldn’t be surprised if people within the community object to the new transgender policy.
“But our obligation is to do the right things for students, and legally, to protect transgendered students from discrimination. It’s the right thing to do,” he said.
Flynn said Hamburg has long given students the option of using a more private area within the school, if they wish, such as a nurse’s or coach’s office. “We didn’t really have a lot of discussion on it. As a board, we were pretty much on the same line on it,” he said."
And surprise the Board held NO public comment or board debate, despite the wet behind his ears Superintendent remarking that he wouldn't be surprised if the people within the community object to the new transgender policy.   

Well, Middle School Mike, here's a tough question:  HOW WOULD YOU KNOW IF THEY OBJECT, WHEN YOU DON'T PREMIT THEM TO WEIGH IN THE MATTER?  Gee, you can spot a rookie from the foolishness that rolls from their tongues.  

So what to make of this progressive Hamburg policy?  There is little doubt that students should feel comfortable at school.  All students have this right.  But permitting transgendered kids to use traditional single sex accommodations is a sticky wicket.  Sure, transgendered people should not be left to feel uncomfortable changing for gym class, sports or taking a restroom break- that is true.  Yet, what about the kids who aren't transgendered.  You know, your run of the mill suburban boy or girl, how do they feel?  Aren't their feelings equally as important?   These are questions that need to be presented and hashed out by the school community, and a deliberative Board of Education. 

This matter is a big deal, Mr. Flynn. And its not just another policy that was passed.  And the parents and kids of Hamburg, like families in other communities around the country need to be heard on this matter.   

And, Mr. Flynn, what do you mean, "memorializing what you were already doing".  

First off, thats a pretty big word for you, did the lawyers script your remarks?  You are known not to be too bright, and thats a pretty big SAT word for a simpleton such as yourself.  Secondly, do the parents of Hamburg know that transgendered kids have been making this choice?  Were the parents notified?   

Where are the parents on this issue?   There was a large public uproar about an extended school day, which makes little sense.  Don't we want more education, not less?  

But, when it comes to a sensitive political issue such as the transgendered policy the silence is deafening. 


88 said...

I graduated from Hamburg High in 1988...To Superintendent Michael Cornell and President Thomas Flynn: Instead of a negligible number of confused teenagers being inconvenienced,you will now have a building full of students who now will be incredibly uncomfortable. Are their feelings considered?

I'm so grateful that my 5 children don't attend the school that I created wonderful memories in. No public comment or board debate?? What cowards...sounds like they did not want to even consider the views of the citizens they are supposed to represent. How very fascist of them!
Susie (Specht) Courtney
Hamburg High Class of 1988

Anonymous said...

Watch that Tom Flynn, he'll be wearing Laura Heeters yoga pants and slipping in to the girls gym with Yoviene and the other pervs. WTF Hamburg! Build separate bathrooms.

Anonymous said...

I been waiting for this blog to write about this. I am in disbelief. Wait till the Wesleyan Church goers hear about this. And what about he diversity phobes. There are crazy teachers in that building holding prayer meetings and mocking students and staff who are gay, My kid sees this stuff everyday in that place. My kids Global History told her class the trans and gay kids should be prayed for. Really? Maybe the Superintendent should be watching what the teachers are saying to students about this. Yes public involvement must happen on this. I tried calling the main office to talk to Mr. Cornell, and he never called me back. This is a crazy thing.

Anonymous said...


Is this how the Whipples are gonna find new stripers for their "gentlemens" clubs?

Anonymous said...

@ 11:58 A.M. LOL! THAT IS SO TRUE and you spell strippers S T R I P P E R S not stripers idiot. Get some education fag.

CH said...

FROM A READER- Of course it has to do with money- The district is going to hit rock bottom this year with the decreased proposals in state aid, and the tax cap narrowing. Cornell the Clueless.

"Hello Concerned Hamburger,

I have heard things on why Mike Cornell and the school board have chosen to make this decision about letting Transgender people use the facilities they identify as. In a conversation I overheard with someone and Mike Cornell, he was saying they were only putting this into effect because if they don't, the Government will stop funding the school district 6 Million dollars a year. This goes for any school district in the WNY area. If they do follow this policy they will still get their 6 million dollars a year. This had to be taken place because of Title 9.

Title 9 is a portion of the United States Education Amendments, Public Law No. 92‑318, 86 Stat. 235 (June 23, 1972), codified at 20 U.S.C. 1681–1688. It states (in part) that: No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. So with those rules no gay, lesbian, transgender, women, men or any race CAN NOT be discriminated against. Transgender people were recently added into Title 9 in 2014. (

In 2014, guidelines were issued by the U.S. Department of Education stating that transgender students are protected from sex-based discrimination under Title IX, and instructing public schools to treat transgender students consistent with their gender identity in single-sex classes, so that a student who identifies as a transgender boy is allowed entry to a boys-only class, and a student who identifies as a transgender girl is allowed entry to a girls-only class. The memo states in part that "[a]ll students, including transgender students and students who do not conform to sex stereotypes, are protected from sex-based discrimination under Title IX. Under Title IX, a recipient generally must treat transgender students consistent with their gender identity in all aspects of the planning, implementation, enrollment, operation, and evaluation of single-sex classes." (

Therefore, the district only let transgender kids use the facilities provided for their gender they identify as for 6 Million dollars a year. The Transgender students have the option to do this or they can use the nurse bathroom to change and use the bathroom. What about the non-transgender students, What are their opinions. Do the students even matter in any decision making in this school district. "