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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Santa comes to Hamburg

See through New York publishes public employee salaries.  Here is a look at some of the top paid administrators in Hamburg Central Schools, and Erie County.   The second half of this post addresses the incredible benefits given to Colleen Kaney, Barbara Sporaz and Brent Jordan just days before former Superintendent Jetter was charged with committing crimes.   

          YEAR                              2011            2012              2013           2014
M. Gallagher,  Principal         132,466       132,466         135,095      137,777
Jackie Peffer, Principal          127,462       129,462         131,992      134,572
Leslie Bennet, Principal         106,184       106,189         108,308       110,000
Jennifer Giallela, Princip         97,854         97,854           99,811        102,807
James Martinez, Principal        92,477         93,631           97,502          99,692
Colleen Kaney, Admin           97,018         97,018          100,795       122,000
Barbara Sporaz, Admin         85,500        113,800          116,076       125,000
Brent Jordan, Admin              88,967        101,467         111,496        110,000
Kevin Strong, Mystery Man      93,072         92,155           93,475          95,285


Since 2011,  Barbara Sporaz reaped a 46% raise*,  Colleen Kaney has seen an increase of 26%, and Brent Jordan a mere 24% increase in compensation.  Days before Richard Jetter was outed for a Cinco de Mayo day drinking disaster with Hamburg Middle School Principal thus revealing his nut-job, sinister and delusional real-self, he banged up the salaries and bennies of Kaney, Sporaz, Jordan and Simonick ( see: Curious Case).  In addition to the outrageous salaries, the benefits alone are fit for a King, or Queen, as it were.

Kaney, Sporaz and Jordan essentially share the same benefits package.  All three administrators were offered tenure days before the Jetter bombshell went off.   Mr. Jordan was granted tenure before spending even a single year in the position he holds as keeper and massage therapist of the district data.  It seems like Jetter gave his co-workers quite a boost in the days before he turned himself in to the police. 
  1. 20 sick days per year shall be accumulated to a total of 240 days. ( Part-time, retired, Simonick gets merely 230.) 
  2. The BOARD OF EDUCATION can extend the sick leave because of extraordinary circumstances.  What is extraordinary?  In some circles adult acne is considered extraordinary. 
  3. Accummulated sick leave of up to 240 days will be paid at $130.00 to fund a health insurance premium fund upon retirement. If the employee dies, this benefit goes to the spouse.  
  4. 20 of the sick days can be used if someone in the family gets sick. (Part-time, retired, Simonick gets merely 12)
  5.  7 Bereavement days ( Same as part-time retired Simonick)
  6. 4 Personal days credited to sick leave if unused. (Same as  part-time, retired, Simonick)
  7. Upon completion of the agreement, the unused vacation days can be cashed in at her daily rate of pay.
  8.  Kaney, Sporaz and Jordan are offered district health insurance benefits and pay 15 % of the premium.   
    1. (Check out the deal part-time retired Simonick enjoys: Participation in the health care program, which the District pays in its entirety.  That's right folks, Buffalo teachers aren't the one only ones in the County getting this deal.   In Hamburg, a retiree collecting a state pension is getting 100% healthcare benefits paid by the taxpayers.  "The District will pay the premium cost of the Human Resource Office Managers's health insurance premiums". ) 
  9. Kaney, Sporaz and Jordan get a fat $1800.00 health maintenance account credit.  That means if there is some medical expense, for example band-aids, that are not covered by insurance they can use a tax free gift of $1800.00 to pay for the bandages.  Out of pocket medical expenses are covered with this gift. 
  10. Kaney, Sporaz and Jordan enjoy 28 vacations days per year, with the option to carry over 5 days per year. So folks, the claim that these folks work 12 months a year is a fallacy.  In addition to all national holidays these folks can take off over one month.  And if they don't use the available vacation days, they can......
  11. Cash in 6 vacation days per year at their per diem rate, which is 1/240 of the yearly salary.  
    1. So, for example, if we take Miss Kaney's $122,000 salary and divided it by 240, we get $508.34 as a daily rate of pay.  So, lets say Miss Kaney would like to go shopping at the mall, she might turn in 6 of her unused vacation days and fill her pockets with $3050.00. Imagine what $3050.00 could do for a classroom? 
  12. Unused sick days are cashed out at the per diem rate up to 50 days. 
*Sporaz controls the finances of the district.

This information was taken directly from the contracts of Kaney, Sporaz, Jetter and Simonick which are available on the Hamburg District webpage.   


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I'm not surprised , these people are all so filthy. Forcucci was the only BOE member with any integrity, look where it got her.

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