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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Curious Case of Loraine Simonick, Hamburg Human Resource Officer Manager PART TIME

According to See Though NY, which reports financial information about public employees,  Hamburg Central School District has at least one employee reaping the benefits of retirement while working a sweet part-time job as Human Resource Office Manager (.6).   Lorraine Simonick, who worked full time in the District for decades retired effective July 7/1/08.  It is believed that Ms. Simonick worked in various capacities, and prior to retirement was working in the personnel department.
Ms. Simonick in the center observing the
Doctor Jetter rally May 2014

See Through NY reports that Ms. Simonick receives an annual New York State Public Employees pension of $46,433 as result of her several decades of service to former notable school administrators Ed Osborne, Donald Ogilve, and Peter Roswell,  to mention a few.  

In an effort to bring Ms. Simonick back after retirement the Hamburg Central School District applied for a waiver to the NYS Public Employees Retirement System in 2010, which would permit Ms. Simonick to work in Hamburg at an earning rate higher than what the system limits a person collecting a pension.  The various state retirement systems set earnings limits for those collecting a pension to avoid what is commonly referred to as "double dipping".  In 2010, the NYS Public Employees pension disapproved the application (aka rejected) Hamburg's application, which means Ms. Simonick would have to abide by the set annual earnings limit if she continued to collect her pension of $46,433.

The waiver process requires the public employer, in this case Hamburg, to demonstrate that the retiree in question, Lorraine, has a set of skills, which no one else has, that uniquely qualify her for the position.

Again, the District's application was rejected.  Again, Ms. Simonick collects a $46,433 annual pension.    Concerned is not sure why it was rejected, but can only guess that human resource/personnel qualified workers are as plentiful as grains of sand on the beach.

So, here comes the strangely sweet part of the story,  Ms. Simonick is retired, collecting her $46,433 yearly pension, and is working as a part-time .6 Human Resource Office Manager.  In an agreement entered into on or about July 1, 2014 (during the Jetter years),  the Hamburg School Board approved a two year contract with Ms. Simonick.  Nice work if you can get it.

In year one, the part-time .6 Human Resource Office Manager earned $41,500 through June 30, 2015 and from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016 $42,500.  In each year, a $2,300 stipend is paid for the confidential nature of the position.  (One must wonder why anyone would hire someone if they needed to pay them extra to meet a minimal standard of keeping their mouth shut about employee's personal lives?)  This is no criticism of Ms. Simonick.  Heck who wouldn't want a deal like this?

The sweetness continues in this retiree's contract with the District.  Here are some other perks of Ms. Simonicks contract:
  1. 20 sick days per year shall be accumulated to a total of 230 days (so if you are going to get sick, get sick on days off)
  2. 12 of the sick days can be used if someone in the family gets sick.
  3.  7 Bereavement days
  4. 4 Personal days
  5. 25 vacation days, and can accumulate up to 45 vacation days
  6. Upon completion of the agreement, the unused vacation days can be cashed in at her daily rate of pay.
  7.  Participation in the health care program, which the District pays in its entirety.  That's right folks, Buffalo teachers aren't the one only ones in the County getting this deal.   In Hamburg, a retiree collecting a state pension is getting 100% healthcare benefits paid by the taxpayers.  "The District will pay the premium cost of the Human Resource Office Managers's health insurance premiums".   
  8. It gets better........
  9. The Human Resource Office Manager, (remember folks this person is retired and this a part-time job) shall be compensated at $120.00 per day for up to 100 accumulated leave days to the maximum of $12,100.00.  
  10. So, if Lorraine decides to leave at the end of the contract, cash in her sick and vacation days to go sit on a beach and drink fuzzy navels,  the first round is on her. 


Armor said...

Not one comment ? These are the things you SHOULD care about ! N

Mary V said...

Yeah, Libby knows all the dirty secrets of the District including the money transferrs with Osborn and Ogilve foundation. Ogivile resigned from the Alumni Foundation and erased it from his resume when the audit came out. Libby and Keven Strong are the dirty doers in the district. I heard there was a NYS Comptroller audit. And now the bureau of integrity is looking at these people. Its deeper. Gee, and I thought Chiacchia the DIRTY partner of the unfrocked judge Fleming blamed al the problems on Sally. Where is little shorty Danny these days, buying little tiny ads on placemats at the diners...that will bring in some big clients for ya Dan. Maybe some old ladies whose dentures crack on the crispy Uncle Joe Fries. These are very dirty people making tons of money on the District.... Like Fisher Bus. Wake up Hamburg you have been duped by what looks like really disgusting people. Heck I don't blame Libby, she taken it to the the bank.. The taxpayers are the fools.

Anonymous said...

she has all the dirt on the district.... Shit up money. Can you imagine if she started squawking about the crooked Osborne. Whoa.... The house of cards.

Anonymous said...

Jetter gave sporaz kaney and Jordan sweet deals to when he knew he was going down in a ball of fire. Shut up money?

Cindy B said...

Here's another unbeleivable thing Libby , Jen and Sharon got 15 percent increase in hourly wage when Jetter was booted out last year. That's right folks 15 percent extra for doing the same work. And in the summer they don't work on Fridays- so how does that factor into Libby's part time deal. You are sure right it's lots of money to keep the mouths shut. I should know worked there for years.