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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Cornell's Coffee Klatch

Here you have it Hamburg, a chance to meet the Superintendent of Schools, and "klatschen" in a relaxed setting.   

Some interesting proposals for chatter might be to ask the superintendent about the Petition filed with the NYS Education Commissioner to have Cornell removed from his position.  In the Petition, the parent of a youngster, requests the Commish ouster Cornell for lying about a district student. Cornell was only on the job for weeks at the time the Petition was filed.   There has been no discussion of the Petition in front of the Commissioner, which reportedly also seeks the removal of Flynn, Yovienne, Heeter and others from the Board.  Yet, the public has not heard one iota of discussion about this matter, and there is not one single mention of indemnification in any of the published bored of education minutes.  

So, Hamburg residents, should you care to wag chins with Mr. Cornell, he has opened the door.  Now, open your mouths and ask some hard questions of the Superintendent of last resort.  As the District primes for another school budget season, its time for the call for more tax payer dollars.  If a conversation about his removal doesn't strike your fancy, perhaps a query about the District's reckless expenditures might be hit closer to your pocket book. 

"The Hamburg Central School District invites school district residents to join Superintendent Michael Cornell for coffee and conversation in a relaxed setting. This is an opportunity for you to engage in one-on- one dialogue with the Superintendent of Schools."

All meetings are from 8:8:45 p.m. except on 2/29/16 which is 4:45-5:15 p.m. *
2/12/16 Boston Valley School 7476 Back Creek Road  
2/22/16 Armor School 5301 Abbott Road
2/25/16 Charlotte Avenue School 301 Charlotte Ave.
2/29/16  Union Pleasant School 150 Pleasant Ave.
*Those of you who work are out of luck 

1 comment:

SSPP dad said...

Why don't they talk about the issues at the board meeting. I went to my first one tonight and boy do I wish I was paying attention. Cornell
Is a pompous
Ass who thinks it's his meeting. He interrupted all
The other members. He is a real jerk.