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Saturday, March 12, 2016

From the Facebook of Dan " Hamburg Guy" Chiacchia

Interested school board candidates, who are willing to sell themselves to local attorney Daniel Chiacchia, and carry out his agenda,  please read the statement made by Mr. Chiacchia on his Facebook page. (purple below)
A brazen Chiacchia, whose irrational impulsive conduct led, in part, to two admonitions by the New York State Judicial Ethics Commission of his law partner Andrew "Andy" Fleming, for entangling in elections and making large donations to buy the people on the Hamburg School Board.    

One must ask, what is Chiacchia's "skin in the game"?    

Rumor has it, that most folks in Hamburg find his conduct during the Richard Jetter years, (or was it months ?), beyond the pale.  It is often stated Mr. Chiacchia made a public fool of himself and his law partner, and he is often heard as the punch line to jokes in the legal community.  
Litte Dan and One of his
losing candidates that his
partner was admonished for
giving money to. 

So, if you meet the eligibility standards to run for the seat on the Hamburg School Board, and you are willing to, well, um, "bend over" for Mr. Chiacchia, he will gladly open his wallet, and buy you ridiculous t-shirts. But remember, leave your morals and independent thinking at home,  Mr. Hamburg will besmirch your name if you don't follow his agenda. 

"Our school district is once again on the right path. We cannot be complacent and must continue to monitor the workings of our district. The school board elections for May 17, 2016 are fast approaching. We continue to require competent candidates to fill school board seats. If you are interested in being a board member please check the Hamburg School District website and click on the district clerk tab for general information about qualifications and procedures to become a board member. The link is Beginning March 1, 2016 interested candidates can pick up petitions at the district office located at 5305 Abbott Rd., Hamburg, NY. If you have questions about being a school board member please don't hesitate to contact me directly. Thank you for your continued interest in our district."


Ed P said...

"if you have any questions about being a school board member, don't hesitate to contact me".... From a guy who is too much of a pussy to run for school board, and has never been on a school and violated the oath his partner took.... What does that mean. Sound more like a threat. I've dealt with him, Dan is a manipulative liar. My opinion of course. Just ask those he manipulated. The truth will eventually come out about "shorty".

Anonymous said...

OMG- so true, I was at the last board meeting and the boys are the board look real sharp in their suits. Did they get free suits to wear from Dan, like ushers back in the old days? I went to see my kids grades and came across the picture of Flynn and Giallella on the district webpage. Has the District NO shame? Giallella was hiding Jetter's lies and now she is the district cover girl. And that Flynn guy scares me- did someone do a fingerprint clearance on him? Does he go in the schools near the kids? OMG.

Anonymous said...

How did Tammy Hummel get a full time job in the business office- wasn't she part time at Charlotte. Guess making up lies about your kids gets you jobs in Hamburg... see: Meisner and Darling. Really, ya think the dopes would be a little sly. Well if you are afraid to be stared at don't work in a school cafeteria, and if you don't know who your kids teachers are Holly, get out of the bottle and wake up. Life isn't about relations with football players, now is it?

daniel chicchi said...

acheck out admonishment law firm not allowed in politicking

Anonymous said...

paybackshappens all the corrupt time

Anonymous said...

Where is CHA these days? I wanna run for the school board? Do I have to come over to his office on So. Park Ave and see what he has? Remember when he was calling people in the community- in the evening when is sounded like he was just finishing off a bottle of vodka- slurring his speak and shaking his hands ( then made the absurd claim in public his shakers were from a roofing accident..omg). Where is little Cha? I bet those foolish members on the board are starting to see the little prick for exactly what he is- A little prick.