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Sunday, March 6, 2016

From a reader, ( aka- "a blogger" n. : someone who blogs)

Concerned was greeted with this comment on a cold, yet sunny, Sunday.   Morning has the first morning. 

"Dear "sigh" - I do care about Hamburg Students and the dearth of instruction and discourse in necessary subjects such as personal finance and citizen participation in formation of policies that limit or liberate civil rights and self esteem based on the practice of honesty, integrity and humility. Youngsters learn so much more from example than lecture. That's why the integrity of teachers, principles, administrators and board members should be examined, ideally by self evaluation. When that doesn't happen it is in our communities best interest to get involved. School districts are a microcosm of American democracy. You'd never know that BOE members are agents of our state and US constitutions by examining the culture of greed and cover up that has distracted the community from the total absence of internal financial controls for decades. Do your homework if you care about keeping Hamburg a vibrant place to raise families in an environment of diverse talents and job opportunities. The path from high school to Harvard isn't working Joan. Our children need second language instruction before 10 years of age, a solid commitment to arts & music (which are universal languages), as well as respect for skilled vocational training which is sorely needed in this global economy. BOE needs to stop whining about GEA. If my employer doesn't give me a $20k bonus for 8 consecutive years I'd better plan a budget without it. BOE are fiduciaries not lobbyists. Stop attending political rallies and start diving into District financial practices and accounting basics. Read the internal audits if Sporyz will release them. Is she hiding employees who had full dental insurance paid for by us taxpayers when it wasn't in their contracts? Or checks pre-printed w treasurers name? Or the fact that cash and checks receivable are all logged counted and put in a drawer by the same person who then takes it all to the bank? And so what if bank deposit slips don't match treasurers records? Come on Hamburg! Our youth need you. It takes a village to raise a child and an electorate to hold elected officials accountable. Go ahead and ask Heeter or Yoviene what their actual duties are. Hint: they don't include cheerleading and lobbying. How about the community gets together to discuss the facts instead of malicious rumors spread by bigots who abuse their power and our trust to primarily perpetuate patronage with education
of our precious youth as a secondary byproduct. Run for the BOE. Ask questions. Try to fulfill your duty as a fiduciary. Or... You could just be a rubber stamp BOE and be personally named as defendants in multiple lawsuits against the district. Come on SSPeter & Paul parents, recent high school grads and those who believe the PC craze has smothered common sense! Pick up your BOE petition and be a candidate. You will not believe what goes on behind the curtain until you hear it w your own ears. Peace out & political revolution in!"


Anonymous said...

Sounds like this commenter would make a good candidate for the BOE. Good luck on your campaign!

Anonymous said...

heeter and Yoviene are crazy. Let's see if they run again- all
Of Hamburg and western my will know about the dirt bags. A smear campaign chiacchia style- except unlike CHA- lies won't be used. Where is CHA these days? Buying placemats at diners to get a few slip and falls on the court calendar. CHA is representing a Hamburg teacher who
Is during Lancaster schools. What about education CHA? This is a guy who represented Kara Dickey- convicted sex offender. And is up the skirt of that sleazy PTA mom/ stripper- Ho Wipple. Let's see the next few months will be interesting. Sucks when the truth comes out Laura.... You kiddies are gonna be so proud of mommy dearest.

Union pleasant said...

Why doesn't the Board and Cornell tell the public about the huge loss of their insane ways. Rumor is their actions were called a sham, Jordan, Caney, Gallagher were called liars- and 1/2 million dollars was spent going after a teacher in our district for made up reasons. Hope they all get their asses sued right off. Cmon you arrogant son of a sailor Cornell- publish the judges decision for all
Of us to
Read. Cmon, you are a first year superintendent and you have failed miserably. We are all waiting to read the decision
Of the lawsuit. Cornell should pay the district back. What a sham. Other people's money and we have 30
Kids in our classes.