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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

8-9-16 Executive Session – It is anticipated the Board will act upon a resolution to convene an executive session at 6:30 to discuss pending litigation.

Hamburg School Board of Education met in executive session last evening to discuss "pending" litigation.

August 2016 looks like a busy month for the school district.  It is facing two lawsuits in New York State Supreme Court from former students, who have made claims of negligence.  Both cases are being heard in court the month.  The school district is being represented by Hurwitz and Fine, the legal team selected by the district's insurance carrier.

CH received a lengthy message from a former teacher in the school district, who relived the nightmare that took place for one student at Boston Valley Elementary School going back to 2012 and 2013.  In the heartfelt retelling of events it was revealed that a little boy was terrorized by administrators, teachers and a guidance counselor. According to court documents the child was urinated on.   So bad was the abuse of the child at the hands of a few rotten classmates,  and the school officials, the child attempted to harm himself.   According to the former teacher, in the years since the sick abuse at the hands of school personnel, the child has grown into a fine young person thanks to his loving family and the private schools he has attended.

Court records reveal,  the civil case in the Boston Valley situation, names former Hamburg School Superintendent Steve Achramovitch,  former Boston Valley Principal Paul Pietratone, School Counselor Ann Gihooly,  Armor Elementary School teacher Rebecca Sipprell Buczak, the Board of Education and the school district as defendants.   The case has been opened since 2013, and at different times orders were appealed to the NYS Appellate Court in Rochester.   Court documents reveal , the plaintiffs in the case are asking for compensation for the abuse their child endured at the hands of adults in the school district.

In the second case, involving a student who has graduated, monetary compensation due to negligence by the school district are being sought.

According to the school district web page,  the school counselor and the school teacher are both still employed, Mr. Achramovitch ran out of town, and the former Boston Valley Principal after a 4 year probationary period headed to a school in Orchard Park.

This cases has been going on for years, and it has been completely ignored by the local media.   There has been no mention of either case in the Buffalo News.   The teacher and the guidance counselor are still working, but it seems they were transferred away from Boston Valley some time ago.

Where is the community on this? Why hasn't the issue been dragged in ink across the pages of the Buffalo News?  Reports from several people have verified the teacher in question was accused of misconduct at Armor Elementary for inappropriately having a child walk between the legs of a male co-worker.  But, not a peep in the paper.  No blasts of wrath by the moral folks that run the local law firms and stripe clubs.    Not a single comment by the only woman on the Hamburg School Board, Miss Heeter who cares for the some of the most fragile children at her day job as a teacher aid at Randolph- Hopevale Academy.  No charge to a dismissal hearing by Thomas Flynn the Third, who's own child is a Boston Valley student.  Mr. List who spent years in school hasn't utter a nibble on this one.

The pending litigation is reflective of a school district that operates in the shadows.   Real issues are ignored, and imaginary ones, like removing a school board member ( a 1/2 million dollar price tag), are pursued with zest and vigor as if they really matter.   Window dressing will never hide the harm done to children.  Ignoring abuses and cheering on complacency is dangerous, and those that do it are the real "evil-doers".


Anonymous said...

Good luck thinking that anyone would admit to this. Buczak has been lying since the day she called the kid Gay. Welcome to homo-phobic Hamburg. These kids get mocked all the time, this is just a really bad situation. I hope the little guy gets millions from them. Buczaks dad was on the board of education, he voted on her tenure. This place is crazy really. the bad ones they hide in closets.

Anonymous said...

Any news on the report that Cornell was going get fire from Amherst so the superintendent shell game started? He landed in Hamburg because no one wanted it. Even Vince ran out of town. Cmon Hamburger, dig into Cornells past and the teachers at Amherst Middle School will tell you. Who goes from being a Middle School Principal to Superintendent. He left Lancaster in a hurry to. He is no better than Jetter, just wait and see. Why does Hamburg get all the losers. Crawford and Coppola both ran for the hills when they found out what was going on. And then the ones facing the unemployment line end up on Abbott Road.

Anonymous said...

Keith Fisher. Thats all you need to look at. The bus contracts. It seems really odd the guy has one school district- Hamburg. Its dangerous just to have one client. What if an investigation was done on Fisher Bus coy relationship with Barb Sporaz, or some any other business person that occupied Hamburg. Don't ya think its very odd that Keith Fisher started the foundation and has the decision makers in hamburg over to his house in E-ville. Lots of money there folks, the light needs to be shined on Keith and his cheese busses. Where is the state comptroller, or state ed? Lets see those contacts and the fuel use reports? Something aint right.

BVS said...

Becky Sipprell called the little boy "GAY". AND she made his sit on the floor of the lunch room. She stood by while other kids urinated on him in the play ground. She is an evil person who should NEVER EVER EVER be near children. And the school district is covering her up just like they are covering up James Martinez. The court date in the Sipprell case is in October-where is the Buffalo News on this?