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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Former Hamburg Superintendent Dr. Rick Jetter "the real Rick Jetter" reveals that there were two different damages to his car in the Spring of 2014

Concerned Hamburger was forwarded a YouTube video of former Hamburg School Superintendent Rick Jetter replying to the question from an interviewer, " what did alcohol do to you?".

Rick Jetter replies,

"I basically lost all my judgement, I couldn't function in the office.  I couldn't function with leading people.  And it all led to discrepancies with some damage that was done to my car, that I never fully reported in the proper way with the authorities.  So it was the differences in the stories with some damage I did to my car, but there was external damage that was done by other people.  I never talked about the differences between the two different damages.  And from there I just had no more judgement".

Listen for yourself.

Rick Jetter is still blaming other people for his drunken night with Hamburg Middle School Principal, lies about damage to his car, and false police reports.  This interview reveals that Rick attributes his alcohol abuse to the people he "met up with who were absolute nightmares creating havoc around the school district".   After walking away from Hamburg with over $125,000 and a slap on the wrist by the courts for falsifying a police report and stealing money from the district to have his self-inflicted car damage fixed,  the Real Rick Jetter should be kinder to the good folks of Hamburg.   He got off easy.

The real Rick Jetter talks about suturing his mind,  examining hypocrisy and overcoming abuse of the bottle.  In his attempt to be authentic the real Rick Jetter- a paranoid manipulator and liar- extraordinaire is revealed.


Anonymous said...

the stupidest thing that jetter ever did was act as dan chiacchia's pansy. Calling, getting Jetter to do is dirty work. Then Chiacchia turned on him, and wrote a letter to the judge it was all one big act. the ADA- who ran for judge in tonawanda said chiacchia kept calling him trying to influence the da in charging jetter. its all recorded. then Cha- that sly dude- who ruined jetters career- gave money to the ADAs campaign. Rick Jetter should be real angry and CHA. Don't worry CHA- its all documents and recorded- so don't have a temper tantrum and Maria Johnson write letters to STATE ED and the Buffalo Superintendent to do your dirty work. Team CHA- the little munchkin bullies. Just think Doctor Jetter- what could be if you didn't let CHA into your life. I bet your missing that big fat pay check. NO?

Anonymous said...

Check out his linkedin bio or his website that promotes the education and leadership books he is now peddling. It is a wonder that anyone would consider him a reliable source for any information about education or leadership.

I sincerely hope that school districts and teachers who read his books do what all reasonable individuals now do-- and google the source of the information.

It is sad that he can continue to dupe other education professionals and school districts into believing he is competent.

Anonymous said...

As the start of the school year comes around again, how about doing a piece on the state of special education in our schools? Soon, dozens of IEP meetings will be held to change services students should receive because schools were "unable to fit them in their schedule" or didn't have enough teachers to teach the classes. And how about a piece on how, for at least the past ten years, Hamburg has been violating special education regulations by having their Consultsnt teachers provide services to more than twenty students. You could even include links to where Hamburg parents can get more information on how to hold their district accountable for providing the services their kids need.

Anonymous said...

Hamburg Blogger, why don't you write about the Cavanaugh story. Its unreal. We were at a union meeting last night in another district and it was the talk of the meeting. Its really unreal, and we were all told how to go to the courts website and look up the papers. Why is the Hamburg union letting the school district spend tens of thousands of dollars on going after this person over the lesson plans and work that she was give to do while she was out on sick leave. It seems to me and lots of other people that Hamburg should be sued. Who gives an employee work to do while they are out on sick leave. I live in the Hamburg District and being a teaching it really is disgusting that this is going on and the teachers in Hamburg aren't doing anything. Well when they get away with it and start going after the rest of them they can be reminded of the famous saying in all the history books:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

I am not into the gossip pages, but what from what I have been hearing the teacher is gonna win this in the end. And how much money is being spent? Thank Goodness my child is graduated, what is happening to the schools? My two cents: The Administrators are nihilists.

Just watching it all go down. said...

Hello Hamburg School District- The Lawyers at Hodgson Russ are carrying out a sick Vendetta of the the "I have NO Honor and use the bench as a business opportunity and blatantly violate the rules Andrew Fleming". Dummy- public school educated Andy, who is just keeping his head above the waters, big brother Mick Fleming is a fancy pants at Hodgson Russ, he even went to a real College not that silly little sign me up for a remedial class Pace University. Anyhow, Mick always has to look after baby Andy, cuz, you know, when your little brother is an idiot, you take care of things. So, Mick- fancy pants at Hodgson Russ- is getting his meathead partners to go after Kavan-okie- because you know, she's the one who exposed Dirty Andy and of course his very small little partner and in house bully Danny Cha. Why do you think old fancy pants, and little Cha would have it out for a school teacher. These guys ar scum, and they are so used to breaking the rules, they get inducted into the " honorable family Hamburg hall of fame". Gee next thing you know Keith Fisher and his millions from the kiddie bus service will be inducted. Has any one seen a bus contract? Oh no, we don't follow the laws here in Hamburg. Thank Goodness these folks live in the armpit of America, because no other village or town would take much notice of the idiots. Little Danny Cha- and his community meetings. Have the stars aligned yet? Really dumb dudes.

Hamburg Rocks said...

5:50 PM- You got that right. That Chinese Wall at Hodgson Russ has a big whole in it. Please don't tell me they really were given 3 changes to properly serve, because they couldn't get it right the first time. And, this is the school district that didn't want Mr. Tresmond around, because Dan Chiacchia is terrified of the dirty secrets he'd discover about that slimy shaky sick man?

It is really funny that the lawyers at Hodgson Russ are so stupid they can't serve properly? I was told 3 of them showed up for court to beg the Judge for the third try. I hope the taxpayers of hamburg appreciate a million dollars of their tax money chasing after the Andrew Flemings nemesis. I was at Dan Chiacchias meetings and got his emails, he was like a man out of control. I suspected some kind of substance abuse as it seemed demonic almost. Who has a community meeting to talk about the rape of a 15 year old? Only a dirty flithy man who is afraid of the truth, nipping away at his size 4 shoes. Dirty dirty dirty? Think about it folks, why would a guy, that no one really knows, work so hard to create drama where none existed. He was working really hard, super hard, and he had to do it really fast, because of what was coming out. And its coming out, one way or another , its oozing out- the truth has a funny way of doing that. People are turning on these dirty people. Why Does Dan Call the ADA to make things happen? Why does he create documents? Did anyone else go see him and see his papers? Some folks recorded and took pictures of shakes Cha.

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