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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hear Ye, Hear Ye...Moms and Dads of Special Education close attention

Over the summer Concerned Hamburger received several emails and comments from bloggers who expressed  grave concern for the state of services provided, or not provided, to the most vulnerable students in the schools- children with disabilities and those who need a little extra help with services, such as extra time taking tests or assistance with notes in class.

Over the years, many bloggers have remarked that when it comes to "special education"  Hamburg errs on the side of cheap.  Many bloggers have remarked that Individual Education Plans, aka "IEPs" are not being properly completed and executed, because the school district has failed to provide enough staff.   For example, physical education and adaptive physical education is an area often overlooked, New York State Laws are specific, and must be followed.  See link: NYSED Physical Education

Colleen Kaney, earning a handsome $125,000 per year,  is the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, Curriculum & Instruction in Hamburg.  Her email is
If a parent or guardian would like to learn more about the laws that govern special needs students, here is the link:  NYSED Special Education Law- Part 200  .   


Anonymous said...

Definitely not enough special education teachers in Hamburg. Teachers have more than the state limit for students they provide services to that the high school. And they get away with it because parents aren't asserting themselves or don't know their (and their child's) rights. Lots is done that is not in accordance with the law. At students annual reviews there shouldn't be any services on the IEP- but teachers are told to write them in before the meeting. Same with goals. And the IEPs are fairly cookie cutter. The district even got its hand slapped for there not being enough difference year to year.
The district needs a special education director who really cares about kids, not about saving money.

Anonymous said...

What about the 30 kids in the classes at Armor? Why don't they hire another teacher. Oh wait, I know they have to keep a high school teacher out, because they don't like her and pay a substitute. How much is that about 150,000 per year. Good decision Cornell you phony dope. And you can chastise a teacher because they speak up about the 4th grade at Armor. Keep up the shitty job Cornell. Time to find a new job. A-hole.

Anonymous said...


Dear Mrs DICORSO- IF LITTLE DAN HAD A 1/2 Brain in his little head, he would counsel you on your claim against Hamburg for what they did to you. We read your entire file, and lady you are getting BONED by Dan CHiachia. Did he tell you that the Hamburg District can't force you out on a medical unless they order a physical by a doctor? And when you said they don't do the bumping thing, they have to by law of you have seniority. You have a shitty union Mrs. DiCorso, where is your UNION PRESIDENT. And where is small man Dan. If you gave a dime to Dan CHiacchia, sue his ass for malpractice. HOW ON EARTH COULD HE HAVE DIRECTED YOU TO SUE LANCASTER. YOU SHOULD'VE SUED HAMBURG FOR FORCING YOU OUT. CALL A REAL LAWYER LUANN- LIKE CELLINO AND BARNES. YOU GO BONED BY DUMB DUMB DAN.