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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Superintendent Cornell waits 3 weeks to notify: Hamburg's drinking water unsafe- exceeds New York State maximum lead acceptance level of 15 parts per billion (ppb)

In test results dated October 3, 2016, the Administration of the Hamburg School District learned that the drinking water at all of the school buildings exceed the maximum acceptable level of lead.  Students, staff and visitors to these buildings have been exposed to a harmful heavy metal.   Superintendent Cornell waited 3 weeks before notifying the school community. 
How much water was consumed by humans over those three weeks, which could have been prevented had Cornell treated the results with the sense of emergency warranted?  The results of the tests, which were issued on October 3, 2016, and published by the school district on October 21, 2016 reveal the following: 

Armor Elementary School: 23 sinks & 11 fountains

Boston Valley Elementary School: 26 sinks & 13 fountains (Are these all the fountains?)
Charlotte Avenue Elementary School: 2 sinks 
Union Pleasant Elementary School: 13 sinks & 1 fountain 
Hamburg Middle School: 10 sinks & 2 fountains 
Hamburg High School :5 sinks & 1 fountain 
Administration Building : 0  (the Administration's water is safe. Phew.)
Howe Field: 0 

Lead is bad.  Children are particularly at risk from long term exposure and digestion of lead.  Growth delays, damage to the central nervous system, short and long term learning disabilities, compromised hearing and motor skills, behavioral issues, poor grades, and a myriad of other medical problems are the result of exposure to lead, and other heavy metals.  Lead exposure and digestion in children, pregnant woman and health compromised individuals is dangerous.  Consistent exposure to lead, for example daily water fountain stops, causes the bio-accumulation of lead in teeth and bones, and distribution to the brain and vital organs.  

Lead is bad. 
Almost three weeks went by with no notification to the public of this very serious problem.  School superintendent Cornell published a letter on the school district webpage which can easily be missed because it is dwarfed by the announcement the district obtained grant money to train staff on mental health issues.   

It seems, Cornell is more concerned about the new Howe Field entrance, and his photo- op with the President of Fisher Bus (when was the last time the bus contract was bid out?), than notifying the parents and staff that they have been exposed to lead.   The question is, for how long, and how much lead.  Those questions haven't been addressed. 

It seems to Concerned Hamburger, that Mr. Cornell's 3 week late announcement is an understatement of the seriousness of the lead exposure in the school district's buildings.   It is highly recommended that parents and staff who are concerned about exposure seek a consultation and blood evaluation by their health care provider. 


Anonymous said...

Who cares. The school board is a bunch of airheads that really care less. Flynn started his foolish comments again and he is starting the we are going to have to cut staff shit again. I think these guys are unreal and really dumb. Cornell Is a jerk. My buddy works in Amherst and said the were going to give him the boot for being so anti testing. Notice he has nt said much here. 7 more years till retirement. Lets see how many dumb kids we can put on the honor roll, now we call all deal with lead poisoning. Love Canal all over again.

Julian said...

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