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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hamburg School Board hires new legal counsel. Webster Szanyi: what are your qualifications?

Concerned Hamburger sure hopes that School Superintendent Michael Cornell and Big Boy Thomas Flynn the Turd asked Hamburg Attorney Daniel Chiacchia, Esq permission before pulling this stunt. 

According to the March 14, 2017 Hamburg School Board of Education meeting agenda, another law firm  has been hired by the district.    The law firm of Webster Szanyi, (click here:  has been secured as  Hamburg School District's legal counsel.  

It seems that the hundreds of thousands of dollars  paid to Hodgson Russ lawyers since January 2014 just isn't enough money to address the seemingly endless legal problems of the school district.   

Where is Daniel Chiacchia, Esq to lend his extensive expertise?   Dan, where are you? (chasing ambulances?) When Hodgson Russ was hired by the school district in January 2014, Mr. Chiacchia had plenty of pearls of enlightenment to share (see January 14, 2014 board minutes).  Where are the resumes of the Webster Szanyi lawyers?   So, who are the attorneys at Webster Szanyi? And, where did Hodgson Russ go? 

Mr. Chacha ought file a Petition with the NYS Education Commissioner to waive the conflict of interest flag of Webster Szanyi.  (Its been reported that they already represent the district's insurance carrier.)    But then again, Mr. Cha failed miserably in an embarrassing failure the last time he filed a Petition with the Commissioner, and even his boy Donald Ogilvie couldn't help in that case.   So it seems,  in the absence of Cha, it falls on Concerned Hamburger to raise the questions.  

So, why is the district switching firms in the middle of the school year?   
What are qualifications of the lawyers in the Webster Szanyi firm?  
Where are the parent haters: Daniel Chiacchia,Esq.,  Madam Whipple, Eddy Piazza (and his bridezilla- Beth), and long lost Wendy Evenden to lend their expertise to the selection of firms.    Could it be after spending hundreds of thousands with Hodgson Russ that the school board finally realized that Andrew Freedman and his band of merry minstrels are shit- and have regularly given shit advice (not to mention the physical attacks on former school board members). 

It appears the Hamburg School Board is placing a member of the staff on paid administration leave.    

In light of the pending cut in school aid, the actions of the district need to be questioned.   

Where is the community when it comes time to hold the Boars of Education accountable?  

                        “Motion that, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, 
                        the Board of Education approves the following resolution:  

RESOLVED, that the Board of Education hereby appoints Dr. R.P. Singh as 
School Medical Inspector pursuant to Section 913 of the New York State 
Education Law in order to evaluate the capacity of the employee named in the 
attached confidential Schedule “A.1” to perform his/her duties; and  

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that pursuant to Section 913 of the New York
State Education Law, the Board of Education directs the employee named in the 
attached confidential Schedule “A.1” to appear for a psychiatric examination in 
the office of Dr. R.P. Singh at a date and time to be determined.  Such 
examination shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Section 913 
and the report thereof shall be transmitted to this Board of Education and may be 
referred to and considered for the evaluation of the service of the employee.  The
employee is hereby directed to cooperate with the Superintendent of Schools in
                        making the necessary appointment with Dr. Singh."
“Motion that, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, 
the Board of Education approves the following resolution:

                        RESOLVED, that the Board of Education of the Hamburg Central School 
                        District places an employee named in the attached confidential Schedule “A.1”
                        on paid administrative leave commencing on March 13, 2017."
                        “Motion that the law firm of Webster Szanyi LLP be appointed as legal 
                        counsel for the school district effective March 15, 2017.”


Barry White said...

The Hamburg School Board and the inexperienced superintendent cornell has created so many problems if the public knew what was going on they would flip shit. Flynn has been doing the bidding of Chiacchia and Fleming and Keith Fischer- they don't want anyone with a brain around. Fisher Bus should be standing next to the judge Ciminellli style. There hasn't been a competitive bid for bussing ever in the history of the district. Keith fisher has had massive parties at his taxpayer purchased house in E-ville inviting the decision makers and the Hamburg Foundation Board. These guys are nothing more than pond scum. Where are the bus contracts? And the mounting legal issues in the district are out of control because the administration has no clue what they are doing. They can hire all the lawyers they want, but it doesnt change the facts. Its just a matter of time before the true hits the papers, and there nothing any lawyer can do to hide these thugs.

5305 Abbott Road said...

Cornell is in over his empty head he left Amherst because they were going to fire him because of his stance on the testing. Cornell is a smug, arrogant, empty headed little fella who has taken the energy bus over the cliff. Jetter was a wack as we know, but this guy is a wacko behind closed doors. The staff for the most part thinks he is a joker. How many teachers are gonna be cut this year? I heard 11 elementary and one from each secondary department. Shocking.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear about the bus accident on Marie Dr on about Oct 12th 2016? I understand the driver left the children alone on the bus after he passed out and ditched it!!! I also learned he is back driving again. this should be investigated with Fisher Bus!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy the mike cornell is really a dim light- who ever that teacher is on paid leave- well guess what they are breaking the law. Check out the commissioners decisions. Check out the commissioners decision on this topic, when the idiots put another one of their teachers on leave illegally.

Maybe the teacher on paid leave needs to file a commissioners appeal. These guys are getting really bad advice from their really bad lawyers- I mean Hodgson Russ and their attorneys SUCK. Andrew Freedman could be the most unethical person in law- that that says it all.

Anonymous said...

Now that we have new legal counsel will they have balls/brains enough to do what hearing officer ordered and bring teacher Kavanaugh back to work and save what we are paying her to sit home,plus aren't we short of teachers? Will also save thousands more if we don't go to State court to have ruling on Kavanaugh overturned. What's the basis and why. Gone on so long now the Board has probably forgotten why they hate her so much.Don't forget if hearing officer is overturned we will go into new hearings to fire Kavanaugh and you know thousands that cost last time and it failed!

Anonymous said...

10:36 PM- the Cavanaugh hearings are going on right now, and the school district dropped 1/2 the charges because they didn't have any evidence so after they dropped 1/2 the charges they had bloated brent jordan, colleen kaney, mike gallagher and mike tylock come in and lie thru their teeth but its all in the written transcripts and this isn't the first time they have lied. I spoked to her about the hearings and they have been going on for 5 days with 3 more days scheduled, there are 2 lawyers from hodgson russ there (so get your calculator out and do the math). Lets say its been 40 hours and $600.00 per hour so $24,000.00 just for the hearings so far but probably more. And its not even close to be over. Mike Cornell is way in over his head he has no idea what he is doing and if you are confused about the board doing this the reason why they can't let her back to school is because of the lies- all written down btw- of martinez, becky nahrembeski ( who can shave her head all she wants so people thinks she is a good person- but she is the darkness of evil and my guess is that will come out), lisa palma, kathie battin, and others. I mean really how many people who read this blog got Beckys text messages , or how many of you were out with Dan ChiaChia and others back in2013 when they started after to her. OMG- its up to millions. and maybe you should talk to dirty becky and lisa. Get it.